Anything Can Happen




Not only CAN anything happen, it will. Impermanence is a wonderful thing. I’ve been worrying that thought around in my head for a few weeks.

I have a problem with forcing change rather than just sitting with life and letting it change. The old “fight the World” behavior I have seemingly ingrained in me is starting to lose its control. Thank God. Fighting the world is so EXHAUSTING.

There are enormous areas in my life which are changing. Life has always been on this change cycle, but I haven’t noticed the small changes. Now they’re big and I’m trying to come to grips with them. I’m trying not to fight change either. It’s all the same – it’s the Universe showing me the possibilities of life and letting me know that anything can happen. This gives me a feeling of impending splendor, knowing that where my life is at the moment is not where it will be in just a few days or weeks or months.

Can you imagine the horror of being stuck in one place FOREVER? I can and sometimes I feel that’s where I’m at now. I’ve been looking at all aspects of life and thinking they’re going to stay the same. Oh dear no they’re not. Thankfully. The old phrase “This too shall pass” is one of my favorites.

I’ve wrapped my spirit around things that I’ve decided I need in my life. One of them is fun. Actual honest to goodness fun. Where I get to laugh and giggle and see things I haven’t seen before and play. I’ve asked the Universe to put a little of that sort of thing my way, having had quite enough of the opposite for the last few years.

Going back to my center every day keeps me in the place I need to be – knowing that I’m not stuck, that things are going to be different – better. And everything will be the way I need it to be. Because whatever happens, I need it for my spiritual growth. So I can take my hands off the neck of life and just let it happen. Whew. Anything can happen.





7 Comments Add yours

  1. Denise says:

    With a vengeance 🙂


  2. Denise says:

    Have been thinking about you a lot.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Trying to stay positive ………. yetchy time though ……


  4. Denise says:

    I’m glad you’re back too, and sounding philosophical and positive through it all. Of course we missed you!


  5. Jennifer says:

    So nice you missed me! Thanks!


  6. Glad you’re back:)


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