Waking Up



Lately I’ve had a bit of trouble waking in the morning. This means my routine is out of whack. I was getting up at around 5:30 am and had energy all day to do what I needed and wanted. Now I’m sitting at the computer and it’s almost noon. Whew.

I’m trying to get my routine back so I’m going to be setting an alarm. In less than a month I’ll be back to work (thank God there will be extra money in the kitty) so I’d better start practicing now.

I also don’t wake up well to emergencies. And this morning, we had one. We haven’t had a bad emergency since my husband moved to the nursing home. Sad as it is, and as bad as I want to just haul him home and say forget it – I try to remember why he’s there in the first place and he’s there because I can’t stay awake 24 hours a day every day. Anyway this morning.

We have a cat. She is absolutely wonderful. She does, however, like to get on top of dressers, night stands, etc. and drops things off on the floor. And scoot them around. And lose them. I always put my glasses in my drawer. I can’t tell you how many times I had to look for my husband’s glasses and for how long. I finally started following behind him and putting his glasses in a drawer too.

This morning my son couldn’t find his glasses. Sad thing is he can’t see without them. So looking for your glasses when you can’t see isn’t all that much fun! We were both panicking. And I got a good look at his room – which was a whole other problem. After much cat swearing, running up and down the stairs, dragging stuff out from under the bed, looking and moving the cabinet next to his bed – he found them between his computer and a book. Where HE’D put them last night. Luckily I had an old pair of his glasses that he could see out of well enough to actually see where they were. Whew.

This is the kind of awakening I’d like to avoid – thank you. No major issues first thing in the morning please ……….. I need my caffeine and a good long sit before I can cope.

Guess what he’s doing now? Oh yeah – he’s cleaning that room. See I told him it would take just a little bit and we could have that room spiffed up AND find his glasses. And that we’d get everything reorganized and CLEANED and he would have a nice room again. Scared that kid to death.

And me – I don’t have to clean now. He’s told me he can do it himself. Really? We’ll see.

And he petted the kitty. It wasn’t her fault after all …………….



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  1. Jennifer says:

    It’s so hard because you don’t want to admit you can’t do it and you feel like you should. How hard that must be with young children! You’re doing an awesome job. I hope I can get my life back where I don’t feel like everything is so new and changed – you are super inspiration!


  2. Denise says:

    I’m not surprised that you freaked out. I only did it for 6 months. It’s so lonely 😦 And I lost my sense of self, which sounds so awful because I felt lucky compared with what my husband was going through.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Ah life is hard sometimes, isn’t it? It helps me to keep remembering how long I did take care of him. I did it as long as I could without totally freaking out – although there were days when I did totally freak out!


  4. Denise says:

    I am missing my ex-partner tonight 😦 Although it was for the best that we broke up, there is something horribly physical about missing people.

    You’ve been through a lot, caring for your husband, and then being separated from him. Although you don’t need me to tell you that.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Ben won’t let me in his room except to find his glasses! I do miss my husband. I visit him every few days but it isn’t the same as having him here. Especially in the evenings! This will be my fourth season back at LL Bean and I’m glad I’m returning. I was supposed to start back in July, but I knew I couldn’t leave my husband with my son – he freaked out too much if there was something strange happening. And with dementia, something strange can happen at any time. The kid spent 6 hours getting everything straightened around and cleaned and moved! I say kid, but he is 33 ……….


  6. Denise says:

    I like to tidy up for my daughter. It’s like something nice I can give her, when she doesn’t like to accept much from other people. Often she doesn’t let me. But I think I can see her getting tidier very slowly over time when she sees how nice it is when everything has its place and you can find things.

    It sounds like you miss your husband a lot.

    And I’m sure you will get back into the swing when you get into your new job. I remember wondering how I was going to get back into routine, then found the job stimulated me into it. Hooray for your new job!


  7. suzie81 says:

    haha! I do things like this all the time – I once spent 20 minutes looking for my keys until it was pointed out that they were in my hand…


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