New Music with Ancient Energy

krishnadasSome of you may know that I came to the realization of my self through bhakti yoga. Bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion. In the call and response of kirtan – alone in my practice but united with Krishna Das and my fellow chanters, my heart opened. On some days you will find me crying in joy with the love that passes back and forth and keeps me centered.

It is nothing for me to spend 1 to 2 hours a day immersed in calling the name of Sri Lord Krishna and singing the ancient mantras. I receive such energy and love in this practice that I am able to continue, with Sri Lord Krishna always in my heart, the rest of my daily duties. They feel as light as butterflies after a session of chanting with Krishna Das.

Krishna Das is planning to release a new CD – with new music and melodies for our chanting. He is trying to do this (and succeeding!) without the financial assistance of a record company. If you watch this video – KD will explain why much better than I can in just words.

I invite you to look at this and be as mesmerized by the supreme devotion Krishna Das brings to the practice. It is magical.

You can also listen to samples of his work at iTunes ……… wait until you hear his voice! After all, there’s only two kinds of music for me – Leonard Cohen and Krishna Das ……………………


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