Not Complicated



Well, this may be a little complicated. It will come as no shock to my readers that I am happiest when I’m living at my soul or witness level. It is a place where security, calmness and peace reign supreme. Although it has taken me some time to get to this place, I don’t think it had to. I think I could have found it sooner in my life had I been ready to be here.

In order for me  to live at this soul or witness level I need just calm my chattering mind. There are days – as I’m sure you’ve experienced – when you want to take your brain out and give it a good scrubbing. That’s how I’ve felt. Instead of using force, which with my constitution is the FIRST thing I think to do, I have learned to use the opposite of force. I relax mind, body and soul and I can feel the “I” who is the real me from the nonlocal dimension sitting with me, within me. This nonlocal soul doesn’t need to decide or determine pros or cons of any situation. The witness does not need to think. My local personality is an offshoot of my witness so there is no separation between us. The only separation comes when my local self tries to grab control of situations and punch them into shape. Then I lose the guidance of my witness. And I can feel it. I can feel that I am out of synch, something is wrong, and I know in my local self that I have to get back to allowing my witness to function as desired.

There are some complicated patterns involved in living a soul-directed life. This one has taken me years to get my local self to understand. There are times when only intuition will work to accept a concept of life. This is one of them. The fact is that nothing exists until you observe it. Nothing. Everything exists in the nonlocal environment of the universal consciousness as the same energy. Once we observe it – the observer, the observed and the observing are one. So much as you observe even something as mundane as a chair, it is really the same universal consciousness energy as a galaxy in space. It is all in what is observed or what is expected.

Then there is the concept of oneness. The concept that everything is energy moving so quickly that we cannot see its movement. We’re into physics now. But how do we use this information to live a fuller, more contented life? We accept that everything we need, want, and/or desire is available to us in the nonlocal universal consciousness. That the creator, the creation and the created are already there. That we need only tap into the universal consciousness and live from THIS level in order to create what we truly want in life.

Whatever that is for you, if you look deeply into what it is you want, you will see that the base, the root of what you want, is happiness. And happiness is available without condition, without extras, without requirements. To be truly happy we must just be happy, calm and relaxed. Irregardless of circumstance, the energy of happiness is required to tap into the universal unconsciousness to create the circumstances in your local (what we call real)  life that make it possible for you to be who you were intended to be. To do what it is in this world that you are best at and to give this world the unique gift that is you.

How do we reach the universal unconsciousness where everything desired exists in a pure form of energy that we can tap into and determine the whole script for the play of our life? The best way is meditation. You knew I would say that! Meditation practice trains us to quiet the local mind, reach deeply into the collective, universal consciousness and by our intentions – participate in the life of ease, peace and happiness we should be living.

Meditation is not hard. It is not complicated. It only requires you to concentrate on your in breath and out breath for a short time each day. I do an hour or more of meditation daily. It is the time of my day that I look forward to more than any other. It is a vacation, a break, a chance to be nurtured and loved. In that space created by the quieting of my mind, I can speak to the universal consciousness and place my intention upon the lap of the Universe. And then the Universe begins to send me the pathways for my intentions to be realized. As I continue to view my life from the level of my witness, rather than my local self, the energy I need to create the life I want becomes available to me in the moment. All I have to do is be quiet enough to recognize this energy.

It’s not complicated.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Reblogged this on A Little Fluff and commented:

    Thought you might like to read this again –


  2. Denise says:

    I’ve done a tiny bit of meditation and found it rewarding. Although it’s not so much where I am with my life at the moment, it was very enjoyable reading your description.


  3. 2cupsofjoe says:

    Plus, meditation is free!


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