No Difference



Something finally occurred to me this morning. I’m doing my usual worry, worry, worry routine (the minute I awake) and I spot this – “If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good.” ~Shantideva

Wonderful set of words that is to see first thing in the morning. I’ve been wasting tons of time worrying about this and that. Since I am no longer maniacally busy taking care of my husband, the worry now has time of its own. No more.

And then I reflected on my spiritual journey. What is this journey exactly? And the answer came to me in a flash of recognition that I hadn’t had before. It is the same path ALL the time. There is no difference.

For years I’ve jumped off the spiritual path into the path I call the mundane path whenever I have needed to. It’s as if I’ve separated my life into two compartments – “reality” which I see as screaming bits of life I need to get under control and my spiritual practice which gives me immense rest and energy to tackle this unreal reality. Ahhh.

Today it dawned on me, somewhat belatedly, that they are the same path. That while I am lamenting the enormous amount of stuff I need to take care of, I’m still me on the spiritual path. So instead of trying to deal with all this paperwork, problems and lack from outside my spiritual path I must just start dealing with all of this with my feet firmly planted on my spiritual journey and let nothing kick me off this path.

I am relieved. Staying in the moment, foregoing the enticement of worrying about every little detail, taking care of what’s in front of me at the moment – these are things I can do. When I build a mountain of problems in front of me – these problems I cannot solve. They are not problems of now, today. They are problems of “If you don’t do this …… this might happen.” Sort of an algebraic equation of doom. 

I amaze myself. Over 50 years on the spiritual path and insights keep coming. I am blessed and grateful. Today I can accomplish much. I just don’t need to accomplish everything ………….


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow what a compliment – thank you Indrajit!


  2. Denise says:

    Worrying about not accomplishing much can be the worst thing to block you accomplishing anything. But you said it a lot more poetically than I did!


  3. your journey is so remarkable, particularly your fortitude that one could almost believe that you are a Guru in disguise – i beleieve that your ‘worries’ are an integral part of the path – they kind of help you find the way.


  4. ritakowats says:

    What a great blend of insight and practicality. Thank you. The need to control is so seductive, isn’t it? And who would have thought that letting go could be this sweet.


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