I think I’m a pretty organized person. I do have a calendar that I keep so I’ll know when I have to be somewhere or do something. I try to plan out my day so I’ll have time for meditation, time for play and time for things I have to do. It doesn’t always work – eeeeek.

Today was a visiting day. My husband was SO GLAD to see me – such a cute fella! I had to wait to go see him because even though it’s not far, I wasn’t comfortable with the amount of gas in the tank. And never being comfortable with the amount of money in the bank – I waited.

Today I got to take him lunch again. This time I remembered his absolute favorite baked apple pies! He at both of them right after his Big Mac and fries and he ate every last bit of his lunch. We talked and sat in the quiet room so we had a good visit. He did want me to stay longer but I find I play out after a couple of hours. So I marked on his calendar in his room when I would be back so he won’t think I’ve forgotten. Even though I called him and let him know it wouldn’t be until Wednesday that I would be able to come visit, he forgot. He does that a lot.

So back to the calendar. Today was a concentrate on my husband day and tomorrow I’m off. I have a few bills to pay and then I have to call a company that made a mistake in billing. I spoke with them yesterday and they told me to call back Thursday to see if this was taken care of. Ah. If only I didn’t have to chase things!

I’ve been trying to get inspired. It’s not “fall” enough here yet – it’s still hot and humid. Once the weather changes for good I’ll feel a whole lot better. It’s hard being a pitta constitution in blazing heat!

I’m ready for some new adventures – creative or otherwise. I do go back to work in October – not a minute too soon either. I saw a new retail company is hiring here this week and they advertise the pay for full-time work. I almost dropped my jaw! It sounds nice, but my job let’s me sit down and do my work. I am way past the point where I can stand all day. And that’s not a bad place to be – recognizing what I can and cannot do.

I finally gave up on the hunt for the navy thread and went and bought a spool. Honestly I should NEVER organize the sewing room! I have several outfit pieces planned and they will all need navy thread.

Tonight’s supper is quiche with zucchini, gruyère and onion. I have the zucchini sweating it out sprinkled with salt and I made the crust. It’s resting in the fridge, ready to be rolled and partially baked. Not vegan, but definitely a vegetarian supper – my favorite kind.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! Awful hard with hubby at the home – about as hard as taking care of him at home. But I know he’s safer, so that helps.


  2. suth2 says:

    Oh dear! I hope things get better for you.


  3. Jennifer says:

    I’m not! Actually I’m hysterical right now – too many irons in the fire and only one me. I hope this period in my life ends soon ………… I need a rest!


  4. suth2 says:

    You certainly sound well organised.


  5. Jennifer says:

    I kind of forgot how many steps this takes! We’re eating late tonight ………


  6. Sounds delicious:)


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