Accepting and Rejecting – All Day Long


A large part of my spiritual life is renunciation. I’m not talking go live in the woods, renunciation – although there are days ………… I’m talking renunciation of current events in the news (over and over and over) and negative input into my mind – wherever it’s generated.

It makes sense to me that if I wouldn’t stick arsenic in my food to poison my body, I won’t allow pure evil, death and destruction on a large or small scale to enter my mind. I’m really not being a Pollyanna, I just choose not to reinforce these purely human created nasties to get in and take over.

Living the spiritual life means you see the uncreated, never created Cosmic Consciousness in all things. In everything. But if you are hooked on “news” and the unrealities of this world, the constant chatter of evil only scatters the mind and creates fear. This fear keeps the little self in a protective mode, not able to fend off the possibilities and mind imaginings. No wonder a lot of people are depressed these days!

I can see a major shift in our reality coming. I’m not sure how it will come – but I see catastrophic events happening. When they do, those of us that can will need calmness, centeredness and living in the moment in order to move the world past these events. Yes I do believe we all influence what happens – make that influence an influence for good and peace and saving humanity.

Western culture has totally lost its underpinnings. A lot is said about Christian values but not a lot is practiced in the true tradition. We don’t have mythological mores to follow or assist us. The only idols we worship (not me, believe me) are celebrities, some politicians and sports figures. These are unreal “gods” with accomplishments of very little except the ability to stay in front of a camera or to garner a lot of attention with obscene acts. We can change this way of being. We need to create within each one of us a place where none of this sensationalism affects us. Where we can go to be truly calm and centered. This truly is all that matters.

There are few of us with the inner power to do this. We have been doing this for a while and the world is still out of control.  We can just choose not to be a part of it – not to grasp onto it or buy into it. We can reject a world we do not like and will not live in. We can build an inner cathedral of joy and peace and giving to share. And we’d better get busy. Time is definitely running short …………


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Ah Indrajit you always show me light I haven’t put on something I should –


  2. Jennifer says:

    Feels like it to me – are you old enough to remember hiding under your school desk in case of a nuclear attack? I feel like that …….


  3. Definitely lost our way in the woods. Agree and also do not do media…haven’t for years. the media is owned and we are only allowed to see what they want us to see anyway and no one tells the truth anymore. Sad but I’m thinking we’ve let it go so long that we can’t stop it…whatever is coming is almost on top of us.


  4. excellent view point well presented philosophically – you do write so well Jennifer – BUT we were never supposed to tranquilize ourselves by turning away – rather it is important not to and to engage in the fury of what the material world has to offer – that fury too is part of His being – see my post Tribute to Kali – the furious world is like Kali, the equanimity of creation is Shive – but she inadvertently steps on His chest in uncontrolled momentum – we learn from the furious vacillation of matter – that is why we chose to incarnate – or it would not have been necessary.


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