Today – Taking Joy



Today I’m taking joy to my husband in the nursing home. He will be so happy, first because I’m there. And then when he sees the bag from McDonald’s? He’ll be over the moon!

It is such a simple thing to take him something he loves and to give him a break from the monotony of nursing home lunches. But it’s something I couldn’t have afforded to do last week. Things have gotten a bit tougher financially. Today I’m going to change that.

I know that my state of financial scarcity is a mind-created state. I don’t have to constantly worry about what we don’t have – but I do. I have spent several years trying to stretch our finances to provide us a decent, earnest and healthy living. It is hard.

Today – with my resolve to live in a state of abundance ever in my mind – I’m going to focus on what IS abundant in life. For one there is the love my husband and I have for each other. After 35 years and many of those spent bickering and fighting – we have both come to the realization that we wouldn’t ever want not to be together. That is an abundance of love.

And the love for our son is also abundant. There isn’t anything that his dad and I wouldn’t do to make our son’s life easier. He has had a rough time, but he has learned along the way and he is ever supportive of us. That’s also abundant love.

And then there’s faith – faith that in the world I see of scarcity – God is coaching me to see abundance and recognize it and bring it into our lives. Because living in a world of scarcity is depressing and life is not meant to be depressing. It is meant to be full and loving and giving and blooming with possibilities. And today – I will take some joy to my husband and we will marvel at the blessings we have.


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