Oh No – A COLD Winter?

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You all know I live in Maine. Imagine my surprise to read that The Farmer’s Almanac has forecast a COLD winter. Really? I’m shocked, she says sighing. I think everyone in Maine knows it’s going to be cold again this year. Sometime. Hopefully soon.

I’m sure I don’t get why everyone wants to live in a warm, tropical climate. It was 77 degrees today and I felt faint. I could barely drag myself inside to the air-conditioning. I had to take a nap. I was EXHAUSTED.

I think about how I would be functioning in Virginia, for instance – or Texas – or Louisiana. I wouldn’t. I would be sitting with my face glued to the AC unit praying that it would worker harder and get colder.

The only caveat I can add about cold weather (weathah don’t forget – we pronounce it like that here and it takes the sting out of it) being horrid is the cost of heating oil. Sometime between now and when my tank runs dry, I’m going to need some major buckeroos. Hot water is a nice thing to have around the house. I did get a heat pump installed this year – thank God – so I can supplement and maybe just run it for most of the heat I will need, but I still need at least a tank full to keep going. Now if I can just figure out how to pay for it.

I start back to work in October, providing nobody else wants to hire me. Then I will have a little extra cash to prepare for the cold ………………. and it won’t surprise me at all. Nor will it upset me. Bring on the snow!

Oh yes, DH loved his Big Mac today! It wasn’t one of his chirpier days. Being a degenerative disease he has, he won’t be getting better, but some days are better than others. We had a nice time sitting outside and eating lunch. I will see him again in the middle of the week. I’m getting better at not wanting to pack him up and take him home. I know that however hard it is, it is where he needs to be. I’m glad he’s there and he’s safe and happy.


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  1. Kris Tel says:

    I am really looking forward to winter:) but my very fave season is fall, so I’m lucky…any day now….


  2. Jennifer says:

    God it’s hard having him there! As long as I keep telling myself that he’s much better off and safe, I can be okay. But you know, I need to start crafting a life on my own. And that’s odd.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Ha! I’m glad it’s not just me! It’s been way too hot in Maine this year! And wet!


  4. Kris Tel says:

    I could not live without our four seasons who all have their own charm , and I hear you about it being too warm.
    And if the air gets damp I feel like passing out sometimes.
    I don’t need it any warmer than 69 degrees (Fahrenheit), and even that is sometimes pushing my limit


  5. suzie81 says:

    I’m glad he’s enjoying little things… Hope you’re ok too!


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