What I’m NEVER Going To Do Again



There are some things that I just need to get real about. And one of them is to quit looking AND applying for full-time jobs I am neither interested in nor do I want.

I had that WOW interview today. I found out this job pays around $10 an hour. They expect you to manage a team and be there 45.5 hours or more a week. Please.

The interview is pretty typical. “What made you apply here?” Well, I did it this time. I just said “I need a job.” I didn’t elaborate – I didn’t soft soap it – Hey, I’m looking for a job – the economy sucks and there aren’t many out there and you had one.” Duh. End of story.

I want to be away from home working for somebody else about as bad as I would like to farm 8,000 acres – read that NOT AT ALL.

After an hour of managerial chit-chat, I was told that there would be another more in-depth interview for when he decides who he might want to give the job to. I didn’t tell him to forget me – although I will if he calls – I doubt that he will and boy am I good with that.

So what I’m never doing again? Applying for a job – going for an interview – nah. I’ll stick with my Maine outfitter and work the season and then voila’ social security – that’ll be that. Life is just too short.



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  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh me too – the days when I will bust my butt for $10 are long gone!


  2. Gee, I’m so surprised at how that went for you…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL He’s probably wondering what happened. Too funny. A lot of work and responsibility for $10 an hour but the employers have all the power now days and a lot of people will do anything just to have a job. Too bad. I liked it better when it was the other way around.


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