And just a little RANT

Honestly I still cannot get over the stupidity of my interview this morning. It was horrible sitting there listening to someone (who was very nice, BTW) pontificate about business issues. Yawn. I just wanted to stop him and say – hey I know all this makes you feel pretty important, but I’m sorry I’m just not that into listening to it – do you mind?

I am a cut the bullshit type of person – a real cut the bullshit type of person. I don’t get metrics, motivation, urgency, etc. What’s urgent about a bookstore? Are the words going to fly off the page? I was exhausted just listening to him describe the job – let alone doing the job.

So you know what this means? At my age I am finally coming to terms with what I’m willing to do for money and what I am not willing to do for money. And I have a very good idea of how I want to spend my days. And I would rather cut corners and save here and there and not have to work. I cannot trade time for money any more. I may not have that much time – who knows?

I am so thankful that I am at the point in my life where I can choose if I want to be in the fray or if I don’t. And I don’t. I am not even that nuts about going back to the Maine outfitter – but I will do that. It’s a cake walk. I can do that job without thinking and it’s comfortable. It only lasts 3 months – I will ask to be laid off in the first group. Then I will only work up to the week before Christmas and I’m done. And then I’m really done because from then on out I will have social security and I’ll be fine. I can get the bills paid and buy a little food – get hubby some clothes in for winter and all will be well. Fingers crossed.




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