Staying In Today ………

Not that I don’t stay in MOST days, but I had planned to visit my husband at the nursing home today. Frankly, it is just too hot. The residents don’t mind the heat – including my husband – so I get in there and melt right away. Today he’s getting a new roommate, so I’m going to stay out of the way.



If I had a visual picture of the heat today here in Maine – this is what it would look like. I know I complain about the thousand rainy days we’ve had this summer, but I’m thinking rain looks good about now.

I’m sure the weathah will change soon – but for the next two days, we’re in a heat wave.

I’ve been plotting my wardrobe future even as I haven’t been that inspired to sew. I’ve been looking around for a zipper that I need for this jacket



which calls for a 17″ zipper. And I found one! Pacific Trim has great zippers and you can specify the length and the style. This needs to be open at the end. I’m really glad I found this source – I don’t really want to start altering zipper lengths!

Today I’m going to finish the May top and get it off the sewing table and get onto something more fun. This top was a challenge for me with the weird hole seam in the middle. It looks good on my dress form, so I’m sure I’ll wear it – I just don’t want to fuss with that seam in the middle again! Luckily I didn’t plan to use this pattern much.

A real positive note – I got a recommended job post from our career center here in Maine and I applied for the job. It’s as a customer service representative – right up my alley – and the pay is fantastic and it’s actually here in Bangor – everybody cross your fingers! Although full-time work wasn’t my focus as I do have plenty to do – full-time income would make any leisure hours more palatable! Stay cool!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Oh thank you! I do meet all the requirements so hopefully they’ll interview me ……….


  2. KerryCan says:

    Good luck with the job!


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