Everything is numbers …………….



When I was lecturing at the adult ed classes (actually I was doing mini psychic readings …..) I would get into the flow of information by doing numerology. Ā I’d give them their Life Path number and Cycle numbers. If they were open to be read – by which I mean mentally open – I would give them the high points of what was happening or what was going to happen.

Odd but I wasn’t reading anybody’s mind at all. I was just getting information. Some of the stuff they couldn’t even HAVE on their mind because they didn’t have a clue about some of the stuff I was talking about.

But the numbers were there. And I was thinking today just how much numbers feature in my life. I know I’m in an 11 cycle and that this month is a 1 month for me – thank God I do need to start a new cycle here! Anyway I use numbers all day long.

I cook – so measurements of ingredients like the cups and teaspoons and eggs and stuff I put in have to be counted. And I sew – so I have to measure out the fabric and cut pieces just so long and so wide and I have to make sure my pieces will fit within the specific number of the fabric I have. And then there’s time.

I don’t wear a watch – but I do look at the clock from time to time. I’m always amazed that I see 11:22 quite a lot – that’s my Dad’s birthday and he was a big factor in my life. I always smile when that’s on the clock.

And then there’s the calendar, counting the days till payday – wondering if I’m going to make it again this month (!) and looking at the jobs reports and wondering when there will ever be a job for everyone who wants one. If there ever will be again.

And then there are riots and killings and political unrest, thankfully not here but still in our human family and those are counted in the thousands and hundreds of thousands.

And then there’s the asteroids flying around in space and just getting to within a certain mileage of earth – we always hear about those ………….. don’t you wonder who goes out and measures that? I mean really do they fly some guy up in a space suit with a tape measure so he can measure the distance? Amazing.

And so today I think of numbers and their meaning and how few of them there are and how much we use them …………………….. startling really.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    8 being the number of karma – and taxes – duh. I don’t like it either. But I wouldn’t mind money numbers if I could find a way to make that šŸ™‚


  2. I never liked 8’s…even as a kid. Then when I got into numerology I found out that 8 was involved with money, numbers, etc and knew why I avoided and disliked that number. LOL And the weird thing is…my birthday is 8/28 so two 8’s. Money issues fall out of my head and when people talk about numbers I can see their mouth moving but can’t actually hear the words because I have already drifted away. I liked your post…fun to read:)


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