And Creativity Went on Vacation …………………..



Creativity took a hike here in Maine quite a few weeks ago. It went off on its own, leaving me behind in a dull world without inspiration.

I was all abuzz in May and June and then July hit – let me tell you flat out I am NOT a summer person. I am much more content in winter, although people do look at me in dismay when I tell them that.

I don’t like bright sunshine and hot temperatures where I sweat even in air-conditioning just doing normal things. Heaven forbid I should actually exert myself. Then I really sweat.

I’ve been casting around futilely looking for something to get me interested again. To make me want to make something or do something or just even think about doing something. This is truly a bit of boredom, tiredness with the way things just are and not having the energy to lift them out of the mire of ordinariness.

I’m not alone in this. I’m wondering if there’s some sort of quiet before the storm stuff going on here. I read a blog posting from Diane Ericson (and there’s creativity for you – she’s fantastic) here and she’s having the same sort of trials. When you are an artist it is hard to have to be non-artistic – to wait for the inspiration to hit.

I don’t even care if I get inspired to make something major – making a tee-shirt would be enough! I have one partially finished on the dress form – but you know, I had to fight to keep going on that thing. I just wanted to wad it up and let it go. It’s not something I’d make again ——— and I’ll finish this one if I can and move on.

There’s more than a lack of creativity going on now – I feel like I’m waiting for something. God knows what – at least I hope God knows because I sure don’t. There’s almost a feeling of a search behind all of this – a search for new meaning – a search for “the answer” – a search for something, anything to get this heaviness and inspirational desert off my brain.

Yesterday I focused on just letting life flow the way it wants to. Today I’m going to do the same thing. Maybe I just don’t have to be creative and “busy” every day of my life. Maybe I’ll just do a little of that aimless living I write about ———– and just let whatever happens, happen. Sounds good to me.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Believe it or not I made 4 more loaves today! It’s not really a hot weather activity but we were out of bread so what the heck! I used Whole White Flour this time and it’s really good – kind of a cross between whole wheat and white bread –


  2. I’m still thinking about the picture of the bread you made. OMG I would be all over that in a minute. Bake and freeze if you get in the mood because that looked fabulous.


  3. Jennifer says:

    For sure – that top was making me crazy. The seam allowances were so tiny there wasn’t any room to work. Nah – something else will come along …….. just a fallow period!


  4. Sounds good for sure. Things don’t really turn out well when I try to force myself to make something so I just let it go and move on as well.


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