The Meaning of the Third Eye



Meditation is an absolute necessity for me every day. With meditation I manage to stay in the moment, particularly in times when life becomes extremely stressful. I find that actually life isn’t stressful, but my imagining of what can happen creates stress. I meditate to remind myself to stop projecting on the future my fears and anxieties.

Yesterday I spent some time chanting. I found myself once again experiencing extreme joy in this and needing to chant as long as I could. The peace that comes to me while chanting is indescribable and I find myself full of love for Sri Lord Krishna or actually I find Sri Lord Krishna’s love for me completely filling my soul.  An amazing feeling. Just amazing.

I have been working on energy and aligning and opening chakras. Yesterday, after my chanting and during Ajapa Japa meditation, I was working on opening the chakras from the root to the third eye. I saw the third eye and something dawned in my mind.

The symbol of the third eye stands for intuition and psychic energy and probably a whole lot of other stuff I can’t remember right now. But what I connected with the third eye was a vision of what I see and how I create circumstances in my life by not seeing clearly, i.e. by not being in the moment.

It is a quote from the booklet on The Worldwide Prayer Circle from the Self-Realization Fellowship that once again got my attention and started my thoughts on the third eye and its potential to create:

By the thoughts we habitually entertain and act upon, we create the circumstances in which our life unfolds.

Strong stuff! Simple too. Just learning that whatever is concentrated upon is what we attract in our lives. As Edgar Cayce would say – We all create our own reality by what we think.

This same message was relayed by Vasishta in Vasishta’s Yoga also. He advised over and over to have no notions. In other words, do not imagine your future or regret the past. Life in the moment is all we have.

Considering I have once again spent at least a month in extreme stress brought about by my own actions and fears – I needed these reminders. And the reminder that the third eye will create whatever I want and/or need in my life. I can rest. Wow that’s good – I’m tired …………………



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