The Rain Gods Are Laughing


I’m not sure if this is accurate or not, so don’t hold me to it. I think it has rained at least 5 days out of 7 for the whole months of June, July and here we are at it again in August.

The last time we had rainy weather – ah weathah – like this in Maine – we had NO SNOW the following winter. It was so non-snowy that by March the trees were budding. I must tell you that if it needs to rain every other day in order to keep the snow away – I’m laughin’.

See we pay for snow here. We pay to heat our homes like crazy. You wouldn’t believe the average heating bill here in Maine so I’ll give you mine – figure $6K just to keep the pipes from freezing. True, I live in an old big house built back in 1915 and it could use some insulating. Which is something I’m going to learn to do this year. Yeah I mean.

It is so humid and nasty with down pours every few minutes, even the mold is growing mold. I feel like I’m living in Florida – maybe in the middle of a swamp. I have air-conditioning and it still doesn’t help! Every bone I own – and those of my 30 year younger son – aches.

Every few days, just to stop the nooses from coming out and being thrown over a tree, the sun shines. It’s not humid. It’s pleasant. One girl told me she thinks the coolish weathah is too soon. I had a rough time – almost bit my tongue through, honestly.

You all can forget me sending care packages of home-grown vegetables. We’ve had so much rain I think they’ve all rotted. It sure looks like it. My tomato plants never got to any size at all and here it is August. We can forget tomatoes, beans – whatever – it’s not going to grow with gloomy skies and rain all day.

I’m wondering just what the heck weather pattern this is! I don’t know if it’s global warming or global cooling or just global yuck – but it’s enough already.

I’ll bet all those folks that come to Maine for their summer vacation are thrilled. Only $400 a night to stay at a hotel in Bah Habah and it rains all the time. Of course some of them rent a home for the season for about $3000 a month. Can you imagine? Not that I live in Bah Habah – I’m in Bangor (pronounced banGORE) and I wouldn’t pay $1 to spend the night in Bah Habah when the Summer Complaints are here (kindly known as tourists).

I’m crossing my fingers for a sunny day soon – my kitty thinks we’re in nuclear winter …………..



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I get “emergency kittens” tweets with the cutest baby cats —- Maggie keeps telling me to quit looking because she’s an only Cat. I don’t think she’d play well with kittens! She knows how to deal with the weathah – she just sleeps.


  2. I love cats who understand weather patterns. They are so cute and clever:)


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