One day, I went to sleep. I didn’t know I was sleeping. I felt different. I felt loved and adored. I had a feeling of calm, intense joy.

I knew God was with me. I asked Him why he was there and how long he’d been with me. God said “Jennifer, you have loved me without knowing I was with you all the time. Now I want you to know I’m here and that we walk together.”

“You see me in all and all in me. This makes me so happy. I am so glad you came home. I have always been with you, but now we can talk. Tell me how you came back to me. I need to hear this so that I may grow larger within you.”

Oh Dear God. Thank You for being with me. I love You so much. I have spent so much time alone, loving You, but not really knowing how to tell You this or what I should do so I can see You. Today I simply let myself realize that I am Your Daughter. I am not a beggar that needs to importune You for help. Instead I am part of You. I know that whatever I need, You will provide it for me, just as my earthly father took care of me. I want to weep in joy, knowing that You are here. It is like You are so BIG and that my mind cannot contain You.

“Minds are frivolous tools. They tend to wander. My children all learn to let go of the wandering thoughts. Everyone will learn to do this at some time. Whether or not they want to or try to. It is my Will.

And how will you live, now that you have my complete attention?”

I will live each moment of my life as the Blessed Daughter of God, asleep to the coming and going of pain and sorrow. I will no longer worry or fret that You will not take care of me, for I know You will. I will live in peace and furthermore, I will add my prayers to hundreds of thousands of prayers that peace, love and compassion will reign here on Earth. And I will pray the prayer that does not fail, ever.

“My Daughter, tell me what that prayer is?”

I know that You know, and I will tell You. It is the secret prayer that everyone knows but few tell it to You with complete devotion. It is simple. I will to will Thy will.

“Ah. Thank you. My love for you cannot grow. I have loved you from the beginning with love so strong that it brought You to me.”


4 Comments Add yours

  1. suzie81 says:

    That’s a lovely thing to say xx


  2. Jennifer says:

    You may not think you do – but I can see it in your writing. You’re what I would call a lighthouse. That glow comes through ………………


  3. suzie81 says:

    I don’t have a faith, but I thought this was beautiful…


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