I Will Kill This Weed

Oh boy was I ever naive! I went out on Thursday to trim the yard and get rid of some nasty nasty weeds. In two words I can explain why I couldn’t do this. Bind Weed. Yes. Bind Weed. All over everything. Coming from my neighbor’s yard. It has swamped all the plants and bushes behind my house.


This stuff is like rope. Here’s a picture from another website which is watermarked on the image.


Now I have to tell you — this weed is shown growing OVER whatever is under it. It will take over fences, any plant, trees – you name it, bind weed will choke it.

And I have a ton of this behind my house. I’m going to read up on the best way to eliminate this and even see if I can eliminate it from my neighbor’s yard which is so close to mine it looks like it is mine. If I can get it to quit coming after my plants, I will be happy.

This stuff has rope-like stems. And even when it dies out it is super strong. Pulling it up is like fighting with a lion.

I had this in my backyard in Michigan until I spent weeks totally eradicating it. I will do this here too. I will kill this weed.


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