Technology and Bills


This photo is both a metaphor about how I feel when trying to learn how to do something on a website such as Facebook (and I might add WordPress for goodness sake). My brain cannot wrap around such words as are used in the help pages.

For instance I briefly thought about doing a post with a trackback. Well cute. I read the instructions on the help page. Fine. Then I went to look for the trackback thing on the original post. Could not find it. Could not find where to put it if I had found it in my post. I can only find links. I think a link might be a pingback, but I wouldn’t count on it. Quite honestly, I decided not to do it.

Then I decided oh brave woman who I am, to put a link to my Facebook page on my blog. Ok. Ha. I had to create a Facebook page. I had one previously so I just changed it. Then I needed to delete stuff. Well that took an hour to figure out. Then I had to figure out how to add stuff ……… and do you know what this is in aid of?

First, I’m broke. I will admit that freely. There’s never enough cash around here and the end of the month is brutal. I’m working on getting everything under control now that hubby is in the nursing home so that I can pay all the bills and not constantly be robbing from Peter to pay Paul and then looking for somewhere else to rob. It’s getting ridiculous.

I will admit too that since my husband retired in 2000 – life has been tough. There’s no way to save enough money to live life the way you did before you retired. Unless money is no object or you had a job making somewhere in the seven figures. Then I could see it. If you’re a normal person, then watch out. Really. I’m always looking for ways to get by. It wasn’t this hard when I was a kid starting out and had no money. It is worse now.

Now that my husband is in a nursing home and I’m not caregiving 24/7 I could go to work. If I could find a job. That is another subject for my heartfelt letter to our dear president who is a pain in my butt for sure. If he looks out for the middle class any more than what he is now we’ll be extinct. He’s killing us off. And I wish he would shut up – but that’s another post.

So finding a job? Out. I could go back to my seasonal job but they never give you any hours until Thanksgiving. It’s pretty much no work so I’m not sure I’m going back. I was supposed to start in July and I couldn’t do that so now it’s October. We’ll see. I am super unenthusiastic about not having any hours. Super.

I continue my search for work but I am not at all hopeful. So what else can I do? Well I did try selling on a couple of sites. Let me just say that it was awful. Very awful. I won’t do that again. Ever.

So now what? I do have an auction company that said they were interested in auctioning some of the pieces we have. Except they’re waiting for when they have a reason to come here. Great. That means 1) they’re not interested or 2) they’re not interested.

I decided I could post pictures on my Facebook page with a description and what I’m asking. Then people can email me if they’re interested. Since my house needs to look like the above picture (well not really, but truly a lot less cluttered) I decided this might work. It might not. I don’t know. But I do know I have a $2300 oil bill that must be paid before I can get oil for next winter (and I will need oil soon) and I have a ton of medical and other bills that I need to clear up. Once I get these bills paid, then I can breathe and function on our monthly income. I hope.

I have also determined that I am going to make and follow a budget. First I need to have money to budget. Which means paying off the oil bill in one big bunch instead of paying it out monthly. If I have to pay it monthly it will eat up any money I would have for oil for next winter. And I don’t relish having cold water in the winter and no heat. I think the pipes might freeze. I need to get busy.

I’ve been having nightmares about the bills. I can even remember the nightmares. Yuck. I am going to clean out all the stuff I don’t need and I’m posting it all on Facebook. Here’s the link so you can see all the cool stuff!

I’ve been doing this technology stuff for about 4 hours – time off – done.


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