Everything Will Be Alright In The End



If you haven’t yet seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, you’ve missed a good movie and a great life lesson. Sonny, the misguided and inept owner of the hotel, excuses everything that is not perfect at the moment by telling everyone: “In India we have a saying. Everything will be alright in the end. So if it is not alright, it is not yet the end.”

This movie deals with retired people who need to move to an inexpensive place to live in order to survive on their pensions. Sound familiar? Maybe not a great idea ………….

I find this sentiment to be not only correct, but a wonderful attitude in which to – sorry I can only say – attack life. Yes, attack life.

Life is usually effervescent and bubbling around me. I find myself spending an enormous amount of time putting out fires – fires usually of my own making – but fires nonetheless. I am always trying to push and shove some piece of my life into shape to avoid a crisis. To keep from having an emergency, be it real or imagined.

It is the imagined crises that will get you in trouble. Big trouble. Because imagined crises are in the future, yes? Yes. And where does the future live? In a bubble of possibilities but not in the moment. Not in the moment where life is steady, calm and peaceful.

When I find myself cutting out all those pieces of proposed emergencies and trying to stuff them into some kind of shape – I think of Sonny. And how it is not yet the end. And luckily, after many years of futzing with a spiritual life, I know I’m not in the moment. I am panicking over something that may or may not happen. And I am tense, anxious and upset.

How to eliminate this need to control every moment of my life? Particularly the future moments of my life. Let go. I visualize myself actually taking a ball of fire and putting it down. Throwing the ball of fire into an ocean. Walking away from the ball of fire. Sitting down and breathing, just breathing. Stepping back and witnessing what my mind is focusing on helps me to let it go. Because my mind is not stupid, it knows there are trials out there that I will have to deal with at some point. But I don’t have to deal with them NOW. They are not happening now. Now I am safe and secure, in the only place I CAN be safe and secure – the present.

I’m glad to be home. Whew. Those trips into the future are frightening. And everything will be alright in the end.