Today’s the Day!

The "yard"
The “yard”

I have put this off long enough. Predominantly because it has been SO HOT outside that I couldn’t survive for more than a half hour – but today there is no humidity and it is cool.

So out I go. I’m plugging in the weed trimmer and having a go at the horrid overgrown weeds behind my house. I also have some right by the steps coming into the house that need to go. I will probably have to pull these by hand, we’ll see.

I have been wanting to do this forever. The yard behind my house is very small. We only have about 3 feet behind us and 4 feet on our side of our driveway. Somehow the last five people to buy this home thought the whole yard was theirs. Probably because nobody told them it wasn’t. Here in Maine, as elsewhere, realtors rank up there with lawyers. They won’t tell you a thing, you have to figure it out for yourself. And if you don’t it’s no skin off their nose. I would like to skin some noses.

Anyway, after learning to adapt to no yard after owning 22 acres, I will now try and get this yard into some semblance of order. There isn’t a bush or tree that hasn’t planted its seed and grown in this yard. Everything grows just fine except the lovely vegetables in my VegTrugs. They don’t seem to like the weathah we’ve been having. In the beginning of spring/summer it was cold and rainy. Everything either rotted or got stunted. We’ve had blistering heat and humidity for two weeks and yesterday we had torrential downpours. We’ll see if this helps the garden.

I managed to pick up stitches for the neckline on my sweater last night and am knitting the first few rows. It’s going to be a great sweater someday! And actually it will be finished before fall so I will be able to put it on and stay warm. I’m very proud that I managed to get it this far and now I only have the neckline and cuffs to finish.

If I don’t come back – you’ll know the weeds ate me!