We’re Having a Heat Wave –

You all know by now that we’re sweltering in the Northeast. Even here in mid-Maine, where it usually cools down nicely at night, it has not. It is hot and humid. We sometimes get this weather (weathah) but it isn’t common.  In 2009 I don’t think it got over 85. Last year we had maybe a day or two of 89 degree weather. But usually the temps are in the 80s during the day and the 60s or lower at night. For instance, in just a couple of days, our low temp will be 48. I cannot wait.

I have air conditioning. I have window units in the bedrooms, a new mini-split heat pump on the first floor which does a marvelous job and even a window unit in the dining room which is the room furthest away from the heat pump. I stay comfortable.

That is until last night. At about 10:30 pm a very loud storm moved in. And it was right over Bangor. Lots of lightening and loud thunder. There was one very very loud thunder-clap that got me out of bed. I didn’t DO anything, I just jumped up.

I saw my light flicker and said aw that’s okay, we never lose power in Bangor. Ha ha the thunder Gods replied. Yes. You. Do. And out the power went. Boom.

I do what I always do in an emergency. I went downstairs to smoke a cigarette. I also looked for a flashlight because it was darker than the darkest woods at night. My heat pump had been running, so I was not happy that the storm knocked it off. I’m going to have to remember to shut it down when a storm comes.

I got the flashlight and took it to bed with me. There were a lot of people outside my bedroom talking. I have no clue, this is a walking neighborhood so people outside is pretty normal. But there were flashing lights all over. There were blue lights flashing at the intersection of Stillwater and Broadway and again at Broadway and S. Park. There was a fire truck in the middle. They were stopping traffic and rerouting everyone. Broadway is a busy street, so this was quite a job.

The power came back on in about 45 minutes, I read a bit, then fell asleep. I was late getting up this morning and spent my usual morning on the web and putzing around. Only when DS went out to check the mail did we notice a tree limb down in the park. I went to look at it and WHOOPS there were two huge trees down! There was a limb, but that was a mere toothpick. There were two very large trees which obviously had blocked the road last night. Here’s a picture I found at Maine Breaking News



Oh so that’s why people were talking? Ha. Takes more than a few trees down to get me excited. Maybe it was because I couldn’t see anything except blinking lights? No idea.

Here’s what that looked like a few minutes ago. There are a couple of guys with chain saws out getting rid of the tree. After all, wood is wood. We’ll burn it here in Maine.



And another view, slightly different



These trees were huge and they will take a long time to replace. Now I know what that big bang was – like lightning hitting very large trees. Boom.

And we’re under a severe thunderstorm alert for this evening. Our storm didn’t cool it off at all. In fact, it may be even warmer. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the trees in the park. And us. Boom.


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