I must admit I am fascinated by possibilities. I am in awe of the number of choices available to me in not only what I want to do for the day, but what I want to do period.

I can choose, every day, whether to be swamped by worry and anxiety for the future. I can choose to be sad and regret other choices I made in the past. Or, as today, I can choose to get on with right now and forget the future and the past. I like that better.

Today in particular I am relieved by the fact that I have no commitments to meet today. I don’t have to drive anywhere or do anything in particular. I can relax. Yesterday was a day of doctors’ appointments, although when I got there they told me the doctor wasn’t back from India yet. Never mind that I’d given them my phone number around 1000 times – they still called the old number.

Today I have no plans. I can allow the day to shape itself as it sees fit. I don’t even need to water the garden as it rained last night. I can just be.

What’s it going to be like, this day? My soul has reached out to great the day without putting any demands on it. We’ll just allow it to move along, meandering here or there, not directed or controlled by me. Whatever I feel like doing will be what I do. What an amazing amount of freedom that brings. Just me, doing nothing aimlessly. Living in the moment. A good day.



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