Another Great Visit

I hurried up this am and went to visit DH. It had been since Saturday and he was wondering where I was. I explained about how hot it is and how I just wanted to stay in. It’s warm in his room/unit because they are most elderly and they’re always cold. Me, I get in there and start melting.

We talked about what I’ve been doing and his speech therapy. He was able to complete his thoughts, which is an improvement. I do notice that his memory is fading more though. He always asks what DS is doing. Then he’ll wait a few minutes and ask me again. In the 1.5 hours I was there he asked me the same question at least 5 times. I don’t get exasperated any more because I know he truly doesn’t remember he asked me that question.

I spoke to the charge nurse and she thinks he’s doing very well and is very content. I noticed that also and he and I spoke about how he is less tired than when he was at home. Going up and down the stairs here took a lot out of him. One trip and he was exhausted for the day. I need to remember these things when I want to grab him and take him home!

Other than that we are having very hot weather for Maine. No rain either so watering the garden is a daily experience. I’m going to wait until the sun goes down a bit and then soak it. In the meantime – I have three top cushion covers to finish and then the dining room will be done. Off to the sewing room!



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