Intuition – Pay Attention!



I like to think of my intuition as a large body of water. I get waves in this large body – and that’s when I know I need to pay attention.

I am a psychic sponge. This fact made it very hard for me to read people because I truly did feel their pain. All the way from emotional issues to actual pain. If you had the cramps and came to see me – I had them when you left. You didn’t have them any more.

Being a caregiver for my husband for so many years, I found that I was taking on his issues. I would hover over him, trying to alleviate first the pain he had from shingles and then the mental anguish he faced knowing what was happening to him. Since he’s been in the memory care unit and I’m not around him all the time, I feel a void in my life. As if I should be doing something I’m not. And the fact is, I’m still trying to cure his pain.

Intuition is something that we must pay attention to, but it is also something that cannot be allowed to run amok, creating havoc in our lives. It must be met with peace and calmness and mindfulness, just as any other aspect of life. When I recognized that I was taking people’s pain from them, I talked to a psychic who had been reading for years. She told me what to do to protect myself. And this is the most important thing you will ever learn. Sorry – but it is.

There are many of us who pick up an undercurrent of dis-ease in a group of people or from just one other person. My husband, bless his heart, had a way of non-verbally expressing his displeasure with me. I recognized it because my mother did the same thing. I had to learn to not only protect myself from negative or controlling thoughts coming from them, but from strangers I encountered while reading.

One of the best ways to stop absorbing other’s negativity is to cover yourself in white light – visually. I also have a prayer which came from Isabel Hickey’s book It Is All Right.

“I clothe myself in a robe of white light, made up of the love, power and wisdom of God, not only for my own protection, but so that all who come into contact with me, will be drawn to God and healed.”

While saying this prayer, imagine an intense white light starting at your head and encompassing your whole body. Ā I usually also add an eggshell of mirrors outside the white light – so that all negativity will bounce back off of me and return to its source to be dealt with. I do not need negativity. I can manufacture enough on my own. Thanks.

This is a wonderful prayer and visualization to use if you are having issues with someone, a boss or a co-worker and you need to protect yourself. The important thing to remember is to put the white light over them also and then mentally – leave them be. No more negative thoughts coming from you toward them. It’s hard, but it works.

Donna, the awesome psychic, also taught me to bathe in salt and to put salt in my shoes. Salt is a natural cleanser and protects the wearer from outside influences. In our world, no matter how you try, there will always be something you should not be absorbing.

For instance I think we’ve all had a friend or two who is just naturally needy. I have had two of those in the recent past. It took forever for me to figure out the only reason they were talking to me was because I was so empathetic. They also had been clients, so they just naturally assumed I had some insight into their lives.

Actually, I don’t. I don’t practice reading people’s minds. First, it would exhaust me. Second, it’s none of my business. I don’t use my psychic ability now for anything other than relying on my intuition in my own life. And I’m wildly intolerant of people who assume I can spend hours on the phone counseling them. And you should be too.

These are the folks that I refer to as vampires. Not the popular vampires of today’s movies, but the energy vampires. You can feel your energy drain just hearing their voice on the other end of a phone. When you can recognize this, it is time to pass them along. In other words, limit your exposure. You need your energy. They do not. They have plenty because they don’t expend their own energy. They just suck it from other people.

I think being psychic is not always a blessing. I think everyone has this ability in some form or another and can choose to develop it or not. I do know that using it, for me, was not something I’d like to do again. I found reading to be interesting, but tiring.

I was raised by a dear sweet woman who probably didn’t know any better, but she was an emotional black hole. No matter what her issue was and what I would try to help her with, everything would go into that black hole and come out superiorly negative. At the end of her life, I felt sorry for my mother. Not because she was dying, but because her soul had never chosen to live in peace. There was always agitation around her. Our home was so full of negative energy while I was growing up, that once I got away from there I couldn’t understand why I felt so good. I didn’t know that life was supposed to be different from the way I was raised.

I refused over and over and over to have any tension in my home once I got my own. I won’t let anyone hold a grudge or be pouty or overly emotional without discussing the problems. I am nothing if not direct. It comes out – gets aired out – we talk about how to improve the situation – and we take action. We do not sit and stew or pout. We act.

And that’s what intuition does for you – it shows you how to act. It gives you clues. It tells you in your solar plexus what you need to do. You could call it the Holy Spirit. It will answer “Yes?”



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