Chair Cushions and Vogue 1247

I had a lot of time yesterday to work on the chair cushions for the dining room chairs. It is SO HOT out that even thinking about going outside makes me sweat. I will have to go water the plants today though – I’m sure they’re dry. On a side note, I had a dream this morning that I went outside and found tons of peppers and tomatoes hiding in the back corner of my garden! I think this portends gardening success. Surely.

I’m all done with the cushion covers for the bottom cushions. Here’s what a stuffed one looks like:


I used the cushion as a pattern. I also wanted to be able to get these on and off to wash. So I made an envelope out of them. Here’s that picture:


Today I will complete the upper cushion covers. They need ties to stay on the back of the chairs so they will take a bit longer. Also I may do the envelope thing differently. I don’t want an opening on the back of the cushion, more on the bottom.

Also I’ve been working on Vogue 1247. Here’s some pictures of the pattern I adapted to fit me, as well as progress so far on the shirt. Horrors I see where I could have matched the front better. Thank goodness this is a muslin and actually it’s done for me. I now can cut the GOOD fabric and rest assured that it will fit.

I love the pleats on the front and back of this top. It makes the lines pretty and drapes the top beautifully. The neck binding is put on before the center seam is sewn. This works very well because you’re not trying to fight to make a V-neckline. How many times do you cut out a V-neck top only to have it look like a scoop neck? The trick is to bind first, then sew. I will be doing this with my V-neck tee shirts too.

I quit at the right time with the top. This isn’t something I’d wear because the print is too busy. I have an idea now as to how it will look and I can go on with my adjusted pattern to make the final top out of fabric I do want to wear.

It was simple to adjust the pattern. After I remembered that two pieces were in the front and I took out about 20″ of additional width. Ha. Sewing is an occupation that requires vigilance and paying attention. Really paying attention.

Today I’m back in the sewing room on the upper cushions. I was going visiting today, but it is too hot and DH’s room and memory care unit is stifling. He doesn’t mind it at all. When I was there Saturday, he was in a sweatshirt and it was in the 80s. I melted after about a minute!




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