We all seem to be drowning in a sea of hate. Chaos in Egypt, constantly needing to remain vigilant to prevent terrorist attacks here and abroad, the George Zimmerman verdict in a case only brought to trial by hate and then the verdict dismissed by the same hate, gang violence in Chicago spilling over and killing innocents, murders in every large US city, hate speech on the TV news directed at people who simply don’t agree with the hate-speakers. All of these create a fight or flight response in not only those who are promulgating the hate, but in those who watch it.

Don’t watch it. I have a new way of spending my early evening hours. I don’t turn the TV on. Frankly, there is no news that’s going to be spoken of that I care to see. The only news I care about is the revelation of more and more compassion and love in my soul. I don’t need to be vicariously stimulated by airwaves coming over a box in my living room.

I do follow the world on twitter. I’ve assimilated the fact that, on the whole, African-Americans are upset by the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. They forced the trial to happen, obviously they only wanted one verdict to ensue. In this world of duality, however, there are two sides to every possible option. There is guilty and not guilty. Our justice system works primarily because our laws force the state to prove guilt. Innocent until proven guilty is not only a concept of law, it is a concept of peace. Pre-judging someone precludes any outcome except the one you want. This does not happen in a justice system which is supposed to be run non-politically.

The justice system in Florida caved to the insistence of the President, the attorney general and African-American preachers and demonstrators of all colors. The Sanford Police Department investigated the case and found no reason to charge George Zimmerman. The police chief was fired. George Zimmerman was charged. He was vilified, threatened, chased out of his home, forced to not work and his wife also could not work – all because of threats from people who say they want justice. It is a lynch mob of epic proportions.

Will George Zimmerman ever get his life back. No. His life, as he knew it, ended when he pulled that trigger. Does that mean, now that he has been proven innocent, that he must still be threatened, not only with further litigation but with violence to his person and his family? It should not.

Is any of this constant nagging about race we face daily in the press going to ever go away? I think not. Race is something that becomes an inflamed political argument in this country much as does abortion. The argument keeps us from moving forward. It keeps our minds focused on it and therefore not on important problems needing to be solved.

Hate has a moving target. For a while after the Newton shootings it was guns. For a time, after the settling of Bush v. Gore, it was Bush. The target does not matter.

If you view hate as a manifestation you will see that it is much like a pointing finger. One is pointed away from you but three are pointed toward you. And this is where the damage of hate can be seen. It only truly damages the person who hates.


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