Wake the Sleeping Beauty



A few years ago, I found the book Vasishta‘s Yoga while reading Deepak Chopra‘s The Book of Secrets. I have read a lot of Chopra’s work and sadly, while I go “AHHA” while I’m reading, I seldom remembered to insert these bits of wisdom into my daily life.

I duly purchased another of Chopra’s works, something about resurrecting the body, and found it to be too full of political statements and leanings. I want my spiritual path to be free of judgment – so I stopped reading that book.

At any rate, he did direct me to Vasishta’s Yoga, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

In this 768 page book we are treated to lectures from Vasishta, along with allegories, vignette’s and explanations of existence and what it truly means. Vasishta is speaking to Rama, helping him to understand the true reality.

The theme is repeated over and over and over. Each chapter, paragraph and sentence is giving you the same message. We do not live in reality – we live in a lila or play being put on in order that we may discover the one true reality.  In other words, we are asleep to reality. Vasishta exhorts us to be awake while sleeping. He repeats that we must have no notions – and I take this to mean no controlling, no planning, no desires and no creating objects in the mind which are then manifested.

This may be better illustrated with this information – which was originally quoted on Zen Flash (a wonderful WP blog BTW)

“Viewing our experience in this world as a dream, the Buddha found that our habit of fixating on the mere appearance of our dreamlike relative world, thinking that it is truly existing, throws us into an endless cycle of pain and anxiety.

We are in a deep sleep, hibernating like a silkworm in a cocoon. We have woven a reality based on our projections, imagination, hopes, fears, and delusions. Our cocoons have become very solid and sophisticated.

Our imaginings are so real to us that we are trapped in the cocoon. But we can free ourselves simply by realizing that this is all our imagination.”

~ Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

And so it is. Everything is our  imagination. The old saw about does a falling tree in a forest make a noise if there is no ear to hear it – this is the concept of what we call reality.

Nothing exists until your mind contemplates it. Whatever you “see” is actually a projection of your mind. We have the amazing ability to think of something and to have it automatically appear in our world. Even our world does not exist in reality.

Vasishta illustrates that there is only and has only ever been Cosmic Consciousness. There is nothing else. No-thing. The Cosmic Consciousness has been there from the beginning. He/She was not created. Nothing has ever been created. It is all Cosmic Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness is all there is.

This is not only  a concept that is hard to understand, it is hard to explain. Which is probably why Vasishta took 768 pages to do so. And why I’ve read this book from cover to cover 4 times.

The very table upon which my laptop sits does not exists except in my mind which has projected it so that I may have a place to rest my laptop while I work. The very computer I use is a figment of my imagination. And everything I see I have thought about and brought it to life with those thoughts. There is no difference between the observer (mind) and the observed (object).

Which means – to distill this down to why we need to know this information – that nothing in our world we call reality is anything but the objects being observed by the observer and being created thereby.

At some point in our existence we need to find a way to assimilate this information throughout our culture. So that everyone understands and practices being awake, and realizing that everything is imagination and nothing more.

Then we can begin to truly live, not trapped by the creations of our collective imaginations. The very manifestation of which is perpetuating the world’s pain and anxiety.





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  1. Rachael says:

    Reblogged this on A Little Fluff and commented:

    More imperative today than ever. A way out of this Hell on Earth.


  2. Jennifer says:

    This post was perhaps the hardest to write – I can grasp this concept now but communicating it? Difficult!


  3. Sushumna says:

    Hey, nicely said! Continuous study of yogic texts and yoga philosophy is essential to living a peaceful and harmonious life with our environment and people around us. It keep awareness awake.


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