Before Sewing – A Word on Getting Healthy

I’ve been carrying around about 40 extra pounds for the last 13 years or so – maybe longer. I’m also about as interested in exercise as I am in football – i.e., not at all.

These two things are about to change. First, although I am not going on a reducing diet, I am going back to a healthy diet. There has been way too much white flour, sugar and butter in my life. Especially what with me feeling sorry for myself since DH got worse. Enough of the sorry eating. It is time to get realistic.

For years the whole family was vegetarian. Once we came back home, the guys stated emphatically that they wanted meat in their diet again. I slid and started cooking meat for them – and eventually I would eat what I cooked.

I don’t like meat of any kind. I never did. Well, maybe bacon. That’s about it. I just like the flavor of smoked things. And there are soy-based bacon strips which taste just fine to me. Also vegetable burgers taste great to me. I’m not crazy about tofu, but I can eat it. I must find better ways to make it.

Now that DH isn’t living at home, and DS can seriously cook for himself, I’m back to the vegetarian diet. I may slip from time to time and add fish, but no more chicken or beef. Also whole grains are going to make an appearance in my home again. Brown rice, rice cakes and other gluten-free products will be entering the cabinets for a change. I’m going to try to incorporate gluten-free with a vegetarian diet to see if I can get the pounds to disappear.

And now for exercise. Sigh. It actually hurts to walk from the car to the store. It hurts. I feel like my legs are stuck and they probably are. I had been seeing a chiropractor for a while here, but he was way too expensive and every time I would go after a few weeks they’d start with the X-rays again like they had no clue what was going on with my back and neck. It’s the same thing I’ve dealt with for years so I stopped going. Sadly, I had the best chiropractor in Michigan. I wish I’d thought of these things when I decided moving out of the country was a great idea.

Anyway my exercise program will be walking and yoga. Yoga, which I used to practice religiously, will free up my hips and legs and limber my spine. And the walking will be easier.

Today is the 12th of July. I’ll report back to myself on the 12th of August – see where I’m at ……….


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