Before Sewing – A Little Gardening

A week or so ago, I bought a sturdy, large grapevine from my local greenhouse. It has sat in my driveway since I brought it home, so today he got planted.

I have two other grapevines – a different variety – planted in the same area. I think that I killed my raspberry canes by not planting them right away upon their arrival. Sigh. Live and learn. Next year I will try again, but maybe with another type of small fruit.

I have an obelisk which has traveled with me from Canada that I am using to support the grapevines. All are doing well. I think the latest addition will produce grapes this year.

I have my eyes firmly upon a Meyer lemon tree and hope to add this by the end of the growing season. I have a place where it will get tons of sun inside and it can move outside in the spring/summer.

I did notice today that my tomato plants are finally perking up and growing. I was scratching my head in dismay because they were straggly and didn’t look like they would produce a thing. I fertilized the bed, added some coffee grounds and generally tried to water them evenly. It is paying off.

I think the soil I put in the containers needed some serious amending, which I didn’t do. I know better now and will be watching to see how the addition of calcium water and fertilizer is helping the tomatoes. I have 6 tomato plants – two Mortgage Lifters – and I want tomatoes!

I’m still missing DH pretty badly. I visited on Wednesday and he is much more alert and perky. This is so good and tells me the anti-depressant and getting some good sleep is working. I go back tomorrow and I can’t wait. It is so odd not having him here. I wish things were different. I tell myself when I’m there that I should just get him out of there and bring him home. I do know that I was beyond stressed trying to care for him though and I can’t let him fall just because I miss him. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to live through. Seriously. I’m even wondering if I can figure out a way to keep him upstairs and move the TV and carry his food to him. This doesn’t help with the dementia though and what happens when it worsens and he starts wandering big time. Sigh.




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