A Place of Intense Happiness – Your Public Library


We moved to Bangor, Maine in 2007. It seems so much longer than just 6 years ago. Probably because I instantly felt at home here. Our home is 98 years old and carries that sense of home only found in old houses. The house AND the public library are my favorite haunts.

The Bangor Public Library seemed huge to me after coming from Prince Edward Island and the Montague Public Library. The library was only 1 room and cramped at that. There was barely room to check out your books and hardly any room if there were more than three people in the room wanting to look at the same shelves. Its big draw was the interlibrary loan system and the rental agreement between publishers and the provincial library system. For a time, all new books were available almost instantly. Something changed throughout the years and this was no longer the case, but you could still get them if you were patient enough.

I stopped at our local library within days of moving in. Whew. It is SO BIG that I got exhausted just walking up the thirty or so steps from the street to get inside! I learned that I can go in via the Children’s Library and take the elevator up to whichever floor I want.

The new books are in the first room off the check-out, computer and return areas. Yesterday I found Carola Dunn’s new book set in Cornwall, Valley of the Shadow. I also found Deborah Crombie’s new novel The Sound of Broken Glass. I have wanted to read these but they kept getting pushed back for other Kindle titles I want. And one by Earlene Fowler that I didn’t even know about. I used to read all her quilt mysteries. So now I have them.

I looked around for a Cara Black mystery and couldn’t find one. I’m assuming they’re so popular that they are all out, but I will check on the library database to see if I can reserve one. Then I made my trek to the stacks. I am all about reading ancient books. By ancient, I mean mysteries from by-gone eras like Asey Mayo mysteries by Phoebe Atwood Taylor. And I found all of her titles – finally. The stacks on the 3rd floor are huge and the shelves go from floor to way above my head. The ones close to the floor annoy me because with my progressive lenses I can’t read bending over. Hmmph.

In the stacks I found the beginning two novels in the series by Philip R. Craig set on Martha’s Vineyard. And I  took two of those.

All in all I took home 9 books to read between now and Jul 31. I calculate that at a lowball figure of $7 a book and I’ve just saved $63. Amazing.

Our library, as do many libraries, has ebooks for lending also. And these are for the same length of time and in every format. If I want I can read them on my iPad through iBooks or on my Kindle.

I’m looking at my library card and I see income. I am earning money, reading what I want and I’m having lots of vicarious adventures through these books. Can’t beat it.

I have learned one thing. I am going to need to get in shape. If walking up and down serious amounts of stairs is killing my knees and wearing me out – this person is going to be walking in the park A LOT. I think I’ll check out a book on fitness ————-


Inside Bangor Public Library
Inside Bangor Public Library



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