Current Events, Reality and No Jobs



It may come to no surprise to most of you that I read the National Review. I love the National Review. I get Jonah Goldberg‘s G-file in my email providing that there hasn’t been some quirk in his OS that makes delivery impossible. Ahem.

I also receive Jim Geraghty‘s Morning Jolt. Today’s Jolt was priceless. First, Sarah Palin may be considering a run for the Senate from Alaska. This would be a good move for her because she needs the national experience. And although I can’t stand her speaking voice, maybe she could get a voice coach.

I’m pretty fed up with the powers that be in the Republican Party. They have all just been around too long. I don’t think any of them get it anymore. I don’t want the same old blah blah blah that we’ve heard for years. I want newness, innovation and ideas. I like Rand Paul although I find his father odd. He’s not odd. I like Marco Rubio. I also know none of them would be able to win against Hillary in a hand-wrestling match, let alone an election.

And I also know I wouldn’t want them to win. If we only had Hillary as president since 2009, our economy wouldn’t be limping at the rate it is. I’ve never been through an economy this bad. And I’m 61.5 years old.

Jim Geraghty also compared the issues that Generation X, coming out of school in the 90s, faced. Given that this was the most productive and explosive economy in years, they still felt angst about their ability to find a job and to flourish. Now the gang coming out of college has to wonder if they can find a job at McDonald’s. How times have changed.

More senior citizens are working now that at any time in our history. They have to. They’re working provided they can find a job or keep the one they have and not be forced out of it because their salaries are higher than their employer would have to pay for an inexperienced employee.

A lot of baby boomers and older workers found in 2008 that all the money they had saved, or at least a lot of it, was gone in a flash. Which makes me very happy we bought a house with our money and took it out of the stock market. There were times when I thought wow if only I’d kept the money in the market how comfortable we’d be. No. We’d have lost it. One way or another. And being faced with a lifestyle change on the magnitude of work/retirement – most people can’t take it. So they continue to work and keep jobs that new grads are looking to enter into.

I don’t think our financial collapse in 2008 in this country is the end of it. No. We are in for worse when we owe as much money to foreign governments as what we do and our government talks about cutting spending. It means only they want to cut the INCREASES in government spending – not the REAL government spending. When you consider the immense amounts of money spent on everything from President Obama’s trips and outings to the considerable amount spent by agencies of our government like the IRS and the GAO, you seriously have to consider disbanding the whole things and starting over. A revolution looks pretty good right about now.

I was annoyed on election night. Seriously annoyed. Another four years of Obama and we will find that there is little in our life that hasn’t been preempted by the government. Forget Obamacare. We all know now that there’s little chance that they will figure out how to implement this massive intrusion into our lives. And nobody is going to want it when their healthcare premiums explode and the healthcare they get is reduced. We have a reputation for excellent healthcare in this country. I must admit, however, that I don’t see excellence. I have spent 3 years with a spouse with a degenerative disease. At no point in the first 2 years did his then primary care physician offer a specialist or any direction for actually diagnosing the disease. I changed doctors. The new doctor got it right away and we got action – slowly. We had to wait 6 months for an appointment with his neurologist. Six months of no treatment for whatever it was he had because then we didn’t know. And then another 10 months for a second opinion that nailed down the diagnosis. So there’s no wonderful healthcare in America. It’s the same as Canada. We waited 6 months there for a specialist – there isn’t any difference except there our taxes were higher to pay for healthcare.

And jobs? There aren’t any. I am always surprised when the data comes out and we’ve added jobs to the economy. We haven’t added any in Maine – or if we have they’re low-paying down and dirty jobs. We’re getting screwed here in Maine with the cost of gas, which is high. That’s a lot lower than the cost of heating oil, and most people here heat with heating oil. Unfortunately most people cannot afford to heat with heating oil anymore so they either burn wood or freeze. Those lucky ones who could afford heating oil if they want to can buy a pellet stove or another alternative heating method. I was lucky. I was able to put the cost of the mini-split heat pump on my electric bill. Now I just have to figure out how to pay the electric bill.

We now have a government that can’t figure out where they stand on foreign policy, a president who blithely ignores most explosive world events and talks about minor domestic news, a Congress that can’t agree on anything except that they hate each other, and a nation of people who are tired. At least close to 50% of us are tired, the other portion were the ones who elected Obama again. I wonder if they’re enjoying a great economy and seeing his actions as viable rather than inexperienced and shaming?

I don’t think his concept of making foreign countries like the United States more than it did when Bush was in office is working particularly. I think he’s damaged our country – not beyond repair – but most countries just yawn when he asks for something. They wouldn’t yawn with Hillary. Not more than once.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Without a doubt our healthcare system is beyond awful. I love the way they expect family to take care of seriously ill patients and then the rest of the population can’t understand why you’re dirt poor. Like ah maybe you can’t work? It’s idiotic.


  2. Jennifer says:

    Oh yeah! Hillary is MEAN. And that meanness would translate to actually getting something done! Like something important!


  3. yanniesaurus says:

    America has a reputation for good health care?! That’s a joke. I actually know nothing about the American economy – in fact the only thing I know about your president is that his name reminds me of a terrorist I once heard about.

    I’m not a huge political loving person. I do however think your healthcare system is incredible flawed.

    Is there a reason you would have preferred Hilary?


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