To Crowd Fund or Not to Crowd Fund


This is such a new thing and totally sprung up because of the web. I tried a campaign once and I didn’t even get $1.

My campaign didn’t have a fancy video that went “viral” on YouTube. I’m not a drunk person in a kitchen cooking or a ton of other weird things I see on this one crowd funding site. I was just looking for a way to fund a proposed business which obviously wasn’t too exciting.

I’m not at all sure how accurate some of the campaign’s ability to raise funds are reported. It seems to me that if you raise $100K or more it must be from some odd coincidence of the moon conjunct your Venus or some such planetary event.

There are many crowd funding sites. The one I was on is artsy to a certain extent. Which is why I thought I’d fit in there. When the site actually gets down to business, you learn that you can expect most of your funding to come from friends and family. Why not just eliminate the middle man and ask your friends and family for money? Also you have to offer perks supposedly. Well okay. So you are so busy sending out perks you can’t do your business? I have no problem with giving discounts but manufacturing items to send out is time-consuming.

I am tempted to try again, I think. Maybe I will. It was such a bust last time I’m not sure I want to expose myself to this again. At any rate I am brainstorming ways to pay for my Ayurveda courses at Kripalu in Massachusetts. It is very expensive and I’m not at all sure I can do it. I know I want to do it, but whether I absolutely need to or not is a question. I can rationalize not going and I can sure rationalize that if I don’t have the money.

It’s sad that most instruction toward any kind of professional goal is so expensive. The books alone are enough to send me screaming into the street. And I also have to rationalize cost vs. effect. Will this be useful, i.e., will I be able to put together an Ayurvedic practice in some manner after my training is complete? I see myself not only having a practice as a lifestyle consultant – which would include nutritional, routine and dosha-based advice on balancing the constitution and a teaching aspect in which I would instruct a group in the practice of Ayurveda in their lives. We’ll see.

I also am seriously interested in Jyotish and although I am well-versed in Western astrology, I am much more comfortable with Jyotish. This is a seriously complex system or it just seems that way because I am so steeped in western astrology. At any rate the interpretation of aspects is much more in-depth in Jyotish and many more events can be successfully predicted than in western astrology which tends to be non-specific in some ways. I would like to learn Jyotish – which make take the rest of my total lifetime!

The store of knowledge from the Vedas would, I think, take many lifetimes. I seem to have an affinity toward this. Although I do try to remain positive about my ability to attend this course, I can also rest comfortably knowing I can pursue my education in Ayurveda, Jyotish and all other yoga-related disciplines on my own if need be. Acquiring knowledge only requires the patience of meditation and the purchase of books!




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