Life in the Fast Lane


You could say this picture is a metaphor for my life. I just stick my head under water and punt.

Life in the fast lane is a joke. Although time is flying by for me. In between getting comfortable with DH in the memory care unit and me visiting him and making sure I take care of what I can here, I have been sewing and doing some surface design.

I need to remember that when I get an urge to do surface design on a shirt that I am making – that I don’t really need to use every color foil in the package. Which is what I did yesterday. I cut this great Diana V-neck tank out using Style Arc’s pattern. I love Style Arc – you can see all their patterns at and they come one size in a package and they are on blueprint-type paper and they FIT. So back to the surface design. I decided to do my scrolly vine thing on the front of the tank. Being the messy punter I am, I got glue in places I didn’t want it and not knowing what I’m doing, I went ahead and put the foil down after the glue had dried for about an hour.

Not totally bad but the parts where the glue wasn’t thick enough didn’t take and instead I have weird-looking lines with no foil on them. So I added some Lumiere. Enough already. I have totally overdone the decoration on this shirt. Rather than throw it out, I am now waiting for the glue I have added back on to get tacky so I can foil it again. This time it will be in ONE color, not many. I think this will save the tank. I seriously hope so. The fabric was only $6 so I haven’t lost much if it doesn’t work. However, I need to tell myself not to get carried away with the color, the paint, the foil and to make my color choices a bit more subdued. The basic fabric is turquoise.

It is about 1000 degrees in the sewing room. I leave the door shut for cat reasons, although she is relatively good in the room. Once she got my tape measure and had a great time dragging it down the stairs. Otherwise she hasn’t messed with stuff in there. She’s a pretty laid back cat. But I still shut the room because there are a multitude of opportunities to either come to harm or break something.

Today was spent grocery shopping. You wouldn’t think that I would have enough energy for just one thing a day, but today that was it. I like to shop for groceries when there’s money around. I planned out some great menus and we went and got the food. I make the kid come so he can load everything into the car. He doesn’t really need to but this eliminates the issue of “what did you buy me for lunch” complaints I get if I go alone.

We got the groceries in and put them away and it’s at least 95 in the shade. So I call Orono and tell them to let DH know I will be coming in the morning. I had thought to visit today. Not to be as I was just soooooo tired. I took a nap, got up, dealt with the old spectre of a bill that is hanging around my neck and then we cooked supper.

I love to cook in between everything else so I have some great meals coming. One is Coq St. Jacques Maine style with bay scallops, scallions and a leek in a buttery cream sauce. Numb. And then we have crab cakes. There’s a roasted cauliflower dish with Loraine cheese and panko bread crumbs and a shaved steak with which I am going to try to replicate a dish from my childhood.

In Illinois, one of the most fantastic sandwiches you will ever eat is an Italian Beef. It consists of beef, garlic and pepperocini cooked together until they meld into mouth-watering loveliness. It is intended to be HOT as in spicy and it is delicious. I know that I am supposed to be a vegetarian and I do try most of the time, but when it comes to Italian Beef, if I don’t get one soon I will not be responsible for my actions.

If I were in Chicago I could go to any number of wonderful restaurants and order this delicacy of the Gods. In Maine they think you’re nuts. If it doesn’t have lobster in it they don’t know about it. We don’t graze a lot of cows here. Too hard on their knees I guess climbing up and down the mountains. Anyway I am not a big fan of lobster. I have been forced to eat it by cracking open the poor red shell and digging it out. I do not like doing that. I also don’t like killing something while I’m cooking it. Can you imagine putting a cow in a pot of boiling water and waiting for it to die? This is why most of the time I eat vegetables and fish. I know fish have faces too. I just don’t care. I can eat them.

I now have 15 pounds of King Arthur Flour in the house. Since one recipe of my Tasajara bread takes 5 pounds we should be good for a while. It makes 4 loaves. This time I’m going to try the egg bread again. It’s supposed to be bagels but I just bake it in the loaf pans and it is wonderful. Now that the house temperature isn’t hovering at 50 degrees at least the bread will rise.

I’m getting the finances adjusted so I can start being an on-time payer. Well hopefully anyway. I have a terrible attitude toward bills, particularly since for the last 13 years there’s been more bills than money. I don’t know who told people you can live off retirement pay??????? I’ve watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 3 times (great movie for us oldies who don’t need special effects to enjoy a story) and I’m about ready to book a trip to Jaipur. I’m seriously going to do some research on where you can live on nothing a month! It sure ain’t Canada – been there, done that, didn’t like it.

I probably wouldn’t like anywhere but here in America. I am so American that I scare other nationalities I think. The Canadians, while being pretty nasty on the whole on PEI, are not loud nasty. They are just laid back quiet I’m going to shove this knife in you and twist it nasty. Nice people – you don’t want to close your eyes to sleep, that’s for sure.

Ok. The re-foiling bombed. Now I have even bigger blobs of weird stuff on the front of the shirt. Wadder! If only I was as talented as my imagination dictates. Sigh. Well, I can’t be hung for trying.

Tomorrow I will rise with the chickens and head up to visit DH. I’d like to get back before the major heat build-up in the middle of the day. I don’t know how people live in the Bahamas or even Texas for that matter. I’m so glad I’m not living in tornado land any more. Those storms scare me to death. There’s nothing like a big, dark green and yellow nasty cloud coming down at you out of the sky. I think I suffered PTSD being forced to watch The Wizard of Oz – over and over and over and over. Every Easter the little TV station in our town, which back in the dark ages was all we could get, ran this movie. It was handy in one respect. I found out how to get rid of my sister. Just throw water on her.

I’m downing my healthy pre-bedtime snack of brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts. You will not believe this, but I lived for 8 years without being able to get a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart. No where on the Island were these available. I once had my friend send me some but it took so long to get them through customs they were stale when they arrived! How long does it take to open a box? Were they afraid the tarts were going to blow up on them?

Back in the Land of Plenty I bought a case of these on Amazon. I think there were 24 boxes of 8 pop tarts. It took us a while to get them again! Too much of a good thing is just too much. Like Nutella. I can’t buy that stuff any more. We got it a couple of times and ended up eating it right out of the jar and getting sick on a sugar high for hours. That stuff should be banned.

I’m still trying to get my balance here now that DH is living at the memory care unit. At first I was so relieved I thought I would float. Then reality set in and I miss having him home. I’m sure it’s even worse for him. I hope the anti-depressant will help him and also the therapy he’s getting. They scored him on a global dementia scale which goes from 0 to 7 and they think he’s at 4 or 5. Which means as he deteriorates then he will progress into the long-term care part of the nursing home. At least I know he’s safe, he’s not falling, there are plenty of staff to watch out for him and his needs are being met. I can’t ask for more than that. I spoke with the MaineCare supervisor today and that looks like it’s done so we will be okay financially. I’m not going to look for work right away because visiting DH and taking care of everything else is enough for now. Maybe I’ll look around later. I really don’t want any  more phone jobs though. Enough with customers always nagging. People are SO demanding these days. I had more customers last season looking for discounts on top of discounts, extra gift cards, blah. I loved it when they ordered in $50 increments to get their $10 gift cards and then found out they had to order $50 a DAY not $50 at a whack. Gaming the system and they would complain to high heaven. One guy went on and on about it being a shell game????? So like don’t shop here – we’re cool with that. You don’t need to be insulting. You can be if you want, but like I’m not going to bow down and give you the moon after you insult me, am I? Think about it.

I’m off to an early night. Thank God for air conditioning. I think it’s around 80 now. Maine weathah in the mountains it isn’t!



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I need hours to sit and practice with foil and paint and silk dyes and and and ………. so I may leave you in a fog over sewing but your art???????? You could do that on my clothes – then I could just sew them!


  2. Admittedly, when you talk about fabric and sewing it’s like a foreign language to me. Interesting, but not a clue what you are saying. On the other hand, I’m glad to know that things are working out well for your family and that the breaking in period (not having him home) is moving forward. So good luck trying to find an inexpensive place to live but it might be possible…somewhere…maybe even on this planet. LOL.


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