A Milestone Has Been Reached!


I am now the proud owner of my own domain. I love it. It is not A Little Fluff dot come – no it is fibercompulsion.com. Because I have this horrible disease that requires me to purchase fiber in any form whenever I see it. Usually it is in the form of fabric or yarn. But it still generates a lot of fluff. I have dust bunnies with names. I can’t vacuum too well in the sewing room because there’s too much stuff on the floor. If I want to cut out a garment I have to move everything off my table. I have a sewing machine and my brand new serger – which I still am very afraid to use. I will though. I hope.

My next and last for a while – I hope – fabric order will arrive Monday. It weighs 14 lbs. This is a lot of fabric. Particularly since a lot of it is sheers, lace and mesh knits. I have plans for each piece and I will need to play pin the tail on the fabric to decide which is first.

For a review on my first attempt at a boatneck tee without a pattern. It isn’t too bad. It’s not perfect however. I need more shape in the two rectangles. I am now going to try one with shaping the body of the garment and see how it drapes. I believe making it slightly A-line will be good. Also I want it to be shorter which is seriously not a problem eh? Just cut it off.

On the knitting front I am at the point where I was supposed to cast off the shoulders using the three needle method. I have tried this for two evenings and both times ended up with a mess and needed to pick up stitches. So, being me, I decided to just cast the damn things off normally and sew the stupid seams together. Much easier.

I have only the sleeves – which are nothing more than cuffs to the sleeves – and the neckline to finish. Then Boxy will be a sweater! I am so pleased. I learned today that Quince and Co. has some new Tern colors coming out next week so I must stop splurging on make-up and shoes so I can get some yarn. Tern is 75% merino wool and 25% silk. I used it for my first project – the Georgia vest. It drapes like liquid butter. I do not care for rows and rows of ribbing. In fact, I cannot do rows and rows of ribbing. So I am going to use Tern in a pattern that will lend itself to my knitting skills, namely Boxy.I’m hoping one of the new colors is a soft blue or peach. I cannot wait.

Today being Independence Day – I am taking a holiday good for my independence. I visited DH yesterday and will go again Friday or Saturday. Since everyone wants to keep him up and learning and keeping his brain functions from deteriorating – I have decided that I am going to read to him. We are going to “get into a book” if I can interest him in it at all. One chapter at a time should be good. We’re starting with Agatha Christie. He loved watching Poirot and Miss Marple back in the 1990s and early 200os. The new Miss Marple’s are quite a disappointment. They have an actress in them who obviously isn’t over 55 and sorry but Miss Marple is in her 80s. At least that’s the way I see her.

Today will be spent in the shower, the sewing room and hardly at all on the internet. Or so I say now. Being as how I love the internet – what did we do before it? – I have to force myself not to open the laptop or take the iPad wherever I go.

The United States of America was only 176 years old when I was born. Now we’re 237! My how time flies when you are SERIOUSLY having fun!



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