An Update – and More Reading

Tomorrow I will no longer be 61. I will be 61.5 years old. I am thrilled. Six more months and I will be 62 and legally entitled to my own social security check. It is about time the government did something for me besides irritate the Hell clean up out of me.

Our government is so screwed up right now, I cannot even fathom how we will survive. I do know that we probably won’t elect anyone with no experience again. Although who knows? Somebody elected this government twice – and it sure as Hell wasn’t me.

Soon’s I can figure out why the government has money to send our president and his family on a $100 million dollar schmooze to Africa, I will let you know. Especially those of you who don’t have a job and can’t find one. And those of you who get food stamps, but not enough to feed your family with at any time. And I’ll try and figure out why most of us here in New England can’t afford to stay warm in the winter but they can send 4 people to Africa for a few days for $100 mill and then the First Lady embarrasses us by telling everyone the White House is like a prison. She could always move back to Chicago – after all Harry Truman‘s wife wouldn’t stay in Washington.

I’m not in a bad mood. I am just fed up with bullshit. Bullshit like Obamacare isn’t going to be implemented for companies with over 50 employees but those employees will still need to get insurance because the individual mandate will still be enforced. So you will need to either get insurance if you don’t have it or pay a penalty. Cool. The only people who don’t have to pay a penalty are companies, not people. Once again the people take it in the ass for the government. Despicable.

Now about my update. I went to DH’s Care Plan Meeting today and it was good. I was able to tell them his history. Which is fascinating and I would put it here but it is HIS history and so I won’t. They all recognize that he is super intelligent and a gentleman. We discussed how they are going to try to improve his ability to communicate since he cannot talk hardly at all. They are also going to get him on an anti-depressant which is a darned good thing and will help him a lot. And they are going to work with him to strengthen his right side. Like me, when I took him to the god-awful emergency room, they think he has had a stroke. I think he had one the 11th of June. Things changed then. But of course the stupid ER at the lousy hospital wouldn’t even look him over. No, he has a Parkinson’s Plus disease and they just figured hell with him. He’s sick. Go away. I could still rip their hearts out and feed them to them.

He didn’t have a chance to ask when he can come home, thank God. I cannot take lying to him because he will know. He remembers things too. Not everything, but the big things he does. I did explain to him that rather than us being together and me yelling at him all the time and then him getting mad at me, it was better for us to be together and be happy to see each other and glad to be together. I hope he gets this. I think he did. I told him it isn’t good for me to feel like an ogre all the time nagging at him to clean up or go to the bathroom or anything. I explained how I don’t want to be mad all the time because it makes me sick. I think he got it. I hope so. I do love that man and I would pack him up and take him home in a minute if I could take care of him.

The social worker, nurse, OT, ST and activity director all assured me that taking care of him on my own is more than what I can do at home. I was so thankful to have that assurance. Sometimes I feel like I just gave up too soon. Instead they say it is miraculous that I was able to take care of him for as long as I did. I feel better.

I finished my Alisa Craig book “A Pint of Murder” and shoot bought myself some more Kindle Books. I got the Wrong Rite which is another in Craig’s series of Janet and Madoc Rhys, a Peter Steiner book entitled “A French Country Murder” so I can go to France again! and a Barbara Nadel. I haven’t told you about her books yet – but here goes!

She writes books which are based in Istanbul and are loose police procedurals with Cetin Ikmen and his sidekick, Mehmet Suleyman. I have read eight or nine of these so far and each one is fascinating. She has written about a Jewish father being upset when his son wanted to marry Ikmen’s daughter, a Muslim and the difficulties they face. Each of her mysteries is surprising and I absolutely cannot figure out who did it until the very end. The atmosphere of Istanbul is just as real to me as Donna Leon‘s atmosphere of Venice in her Brunetti books. I would love to live in Venice. Istanbul, no. But I am sufficiently interested in this culture to keep buying and reading the Ikmen books.

I also purchased another Janet and Madoc Rhys mystery, A Dismal Thing To Do. This will be the fourth or fifth time I’ve read this, she says sheepishly. I love the mystery. First Janet thinks she knows where a possible crime is originating from because she heard an accent from her part of the country and only from this one small area. That may not sound too fascinating, but I lived on PEI for 8 years and let me tell ya, you know you’re talking to an Islander by not only the accent but by the words. They say yes by saying ahyeh and swallowing half of it. It is fascinating to this former language major! And A Dismal Thing to Do is a fascinating read. It is also by Alisa Craig – Charlotte MacLeod.

Other than visiting Honey Bunny I took the rest of the day off. I took a nap and putzed around. I’m home tomorrow and will be happily sewing in my sewing room. I told DH that since I’m not working, I can make things to wear to see him and he can tell me how nice they are. He laughed. So I will put on my new clothes as I finish them and go visit Honey Bunny.

I hope you all have a safe and blessed 4th of July. We live in the greatest country in the world and it’s not because of anything but our fellow Americans. Happy Birthday!



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I stopped and got a really Big grape vine! Here comes the booze – and I’m having some proseco now. Whew.


  2. Glad you’re reading, sewing and napping. Glad to hear that things are going well for your husband. Happy it all worked out and that you can see that you couldn’t take care of him at home any longer. That is so helpful and it takes away all that self doubt. Relax and take a breath or two the plant something or sew something so that you feel good.


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