I love to read. I used to get into such trouble because I didn’t pay attention to my mother because I had a book in front of me. I even read encyclopedias when there wasn’t anything else to read. I just read.

My son is of the digital generation and he watches but doesn’t read. To him, a book is only the beginning of a movie. I like movies okay, but I’d rather read the book.

My husband used to read technical books. Duh. I can use a technical book for knitting, sewing, etc., but I read mystery fiction. I love OLD mystery fiction the best.

I spent a spell reading new cozies until their inanity got me down. I speak of books about innkeepers, tea shop owners, knitting store owners – you know – whew bad books.

With the advent of more and more titles on Kindle, I find this is my favorite reading format. I’m reading an actual paperback now and I find myself wanting to make the print bigger. Can’t do it.

Recently I finished The Bookseller by Mark Pryor. This is the first of his Hugo Marston novels and the hype on Amazon was inviting. Unfortunately, the hype wasn’t accurate. This book dragged for most of 200 pages. There was constant “thinking about doing something” and “talking about doing something” but not a lot of doing something. I think I can give future Marston novels a miss.

I am currently re-reading for about the 6th time, a mystery by Alisa Craig, the pseudonym for Charlotte MacLeod. I had just finished a Sarah Kelling mystery by MacLeod and was hungry for more of her books. I had a Pint of Murder so I am reading that. Once payday hits some more Kelling mysteries will hit the Kindle.

In A Pint of Murder, Craig delivers such an accurate vision of Canadian life in the Maritimes that I want to howl in glee. Now I can read this book and relate completely to the culture it is written about. Craig develops her characters with great descriptions and also with an insight that leaves you knowing you’ve met people like this already. The plotting isn’t vapid like some cozies and there isn’t some weird business the heroine is involved in that leads her to solve murders – like those surrounding a tea shop.

In the summer, my thoughts turn to ocean getaways. I love the ocean and it was the best and only best thing about living on Prince Edward Island. I like to re-read Philip R. Craig‘s J.W. Jackson mysteries which are set on Martha’s Vineyard. Sadly Mr. Craig passed away a few years ago and I don’t get my annual new influx of Jackson’s life with his wife and children. Thankfully I can keep re-reading him.

Also I’ve found that Kindle keeps adding really old titles that I read in book form years ago. The newest is Phoebe Atwood Taylor‘s Asey Mayo series – mysteries set on Cape Cod and solved by the Cape Cod Sherlock. These books are entertaining and the plots are involved enough to keep you guessing. The characterization of Asey Mayo also makes you realize you know this person. Particularly if you life anywhere near the true East Coast – not Manhattan – but us Downeast Maine types.

These books – with the exception of The Bookseller – make fun summer reading. You can find them all at Amazon.

capecod pint of murder philip r craig


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  1. Jennifer says:

    You will love it. The nice thing is that you can also read Kindle books on your computer or tablet. I only read on Kindle unless it’s a format I didn’t buy from Amazon, but it’s nice to know I can. I read “All Change Please” by Danielle West on my iPad and by the way, it was AWESOME and I don’t usually read contemporary fiction. This was good!


  2. suth2 says:

    I will definitely need to buy one. You obviously make full use of yours.


  3. Jennifer says:

    You would love it! I thought it was weird at first – I used to sell books! Then I got used to the light which is in the cover and never needs a battery changed and I can make the text bigger and I don’t have all kinds of paperbacks laying around. I still buy some books that I want to refer to, but I even wish I’d bought my knitting how-to book on Kindle. It’s huge – like 800 pages – and the print is so small! I want the Kindle Paperwhite – I guess it has good background lighting. Mine was actually a gift from my son because I bought him clothes.


  4. suth2 says:

    I don’t have a Kindle but I keep threatening to buy one.


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