Oh Boy

In exactly thirty-five minutes I will be speaking with an administrator from Kripalu about my application to their Ayurvedic training program.

I am both excited and wary. I am not sure this is right for me, but I’m not sure it isn’t either. I do want to learn and I do want to earn again. I love the ancient science of Ayurveda and try to incorporate as much as I know into my life. I always feel better when I do.

Following a routine, making sure my dosha stays balanced during those times of the year when it normally goes out of whack, participating in a yoga asana route and nutritionally supporting my body is important to me.

I believe that most diseases, some of which are not curable, can be prevented or stopped with Ayurveda. I believe the first warnings that our systems are out of balance gives us the opportunity to remove the imbalance and achieve perfect health again. If the imbalance is allowed to grow without removal, then we are in for a harder fight to regain health.

My husband suffered from memory loss when we moved here in 2007. I supplemented his nutrition with ashwaganda, mental clarity and triphala herbal tablets. We took these for a long time – two or three years – until buying anything became a stretch in our budget what with the high costs of oil. Somehow I didn’t expect our energy bills to be as much as our house payment.

Most of the time that I have gone to a traditional western doctor, the complaints which I have had and which my family has had, are treated first with medication to control the symptoms. There are some medications necessary, granted. But there are many times when just sensible readjusting of routine, nutrition and sleep patterns will work as well. Fasting to remove toxins naturally and proper nutrition go a long way to healing.

Western doctors have a way of saying “There’s nothing we can do to stop this disease” a phrase I heard repeatedly as my husband became sicker and sicker. And I knew that. Once the brain cells are gone there is not a lot that can be done. The ER doctors even insinuated that I should not worry about him having a stroke as it would be a release for him. Somehow I’m not ready for him to die and I don’t think he is either.

So today I will talk to Kripalu and see if this is a fit for me. I will see first if I can afford it – always a concern – and secondly if I can sustain not only the learning, but the doing. Where will I practice? How will I get clients? These are all things I must decide that I strongly wish to do.

Nervous and scared but happy too – I have 23 minutes to go ………….


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Wouldn’t you know he had a conflict? Of course I waited around for over half an hour …….. now it’s next week! Jesus.


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