PIA14944_hiresYou know that on your journey to a more fulfilling, spiritually centered life, you will backslide. There will be times that you give little, if any, thought to God or take time to meditate or pray. These are the times when you must tell yourself to get back on track.

Establishing a routine for your daily life is the most important thing you can do for your well-being. I awake in the morning, unaided, at around 6 am, sometimes earlier. I come downstairs, feed the cat, make the coffee and sit and chill. I get dressed, do my chores and by 2 pm I’m meditating for at least an hour, sometimes longer. I have a couple of hours before I fix dinner and I use those for creative projects, i.e., sewing. After supper I clean the cat litter (!) put on my pajamas and knit or do hand sewing until 10 pm when I head to bed. By 11 pm I am out.

My schedule can change. For instance I visit DH several times a week and I do that after dressing in the morning. Then I come home, meditate and sew, and then cook supper. Your schedule is flexible, but you do need the meditation time daily. Even if it is only 15 or 30 minutes, your soul will thank you. Not to mention that your life will continue to evolve into a life you want.

DS told me something the other day. He is now getting up earlier because he doesn’t wake up and dread the day. When DH was here we went from crisis to crisis, particularly in the last two months before he moved to the memory care unit. Although it can be overcome, dreading your day is absolutely the worst way to begin. Overcoming the dread means you need to make changes. If your situation can’t change for some reason, you need to change to accept what is in the moment until it does change. Remember, everything changes. Nothing will persist and if you can accept the moment and do what you can, you will hasten the change. Fighting against what is happening right now only keeps the situation stagnant.

Another by-product of meditation is the ability to recognize that we all need compassion. You, your friends and family, strangers you meet and even people you see as enemies. Everybody needs compassion. Your goal is to grow your compassion for yourself and others so that you can spread this throughout the world.  People live in sorrow every day. There is always someone you can help. Even if all you do is pray for them, you are helping.

My clients I read as a psychic were looking for compassion and assurance. They needed to know not so much their futures as they needed to know that complete destruction was not imminent. So many of us have grown up afraid of the future, and I was terrified that I would lose what was most precious to me. I spent my pregnancy worrying that my baby would not be healthy. I had an unreasoning fear that wouldn’t stop. My job as a program aide in a facility for disabled adults promoted this fear in me and I was so thankful when he was born and had all of his fingers, toes, sight and everything else you are supposed to start out with.

Assurance comes with compassion. Allowing others to feel acceptance of what is and letting them know that no matter what happens, they will be able to accept their present, was the impetus for being a psychic. I could alleviate their fear in the present and let them know their fears for the future were groundless. I did a lot of spiritual teaching. In fact, most of my readings were really one-on-one counseling sessions. Yes you can accept your sorrow and yes you can turn it into joy.

Backsliding will happen. You will become comfortable and will stop your meditation routine. Once you recognize that you are missing something, you will come back. There are no hard and fast rules here, there is only the present. And when you can accept it, love it and want always to be in the present, the backsliding will be less often. And you will grow in spirit.



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