Working It Out


I’m sure you all can tell by now that I’m super nuts. Sometimes I even shake my head at myself. How can this person be so crazy I say — easy. It takes no effort at all. I just be me – flitting from one thing to another until I burn out kind of like one of those bugs you put in a bottle hoping it’ll be a nightlight for you.What? You never did this? Probably best – I think it was cruel. Not that I eat lightning bugs or slaughter them – but letting them die in a sealed bottle probably wasn’t nice.

Today I have a painter doing an estimate on painting the outside of the house. This is a big old two-story job with bay  windows on both floors. It was built in 1915 and I don’t think it’s been painted since then. At some point they got crazy and put on aluminum siding. Yuck. I would have thought they would at least use vinyl.

I also have a fellow checking for air leaks in the house. Let me just say there is wind blowing through the house like a forest full of trees in a nor’easter. In other words, my house leaks. He’s a Chatty Cathy (that was a doll from the dark ages in case you don’t know – you pulled her cord!) but he’s getting some good info. The draft coming out of my attic is horrendous. So here goes more dough – I sure hope that auction brings in major bucks.

Being super nuts I have put all of these things on my wish list for the auction proceeds. I want to pay last year’s oil bill – have no more oil bills – pay for the weatherization of the house and get it painted. Cross your collective fingers, I don’t think this will be cheap, I say sheepishly.

However, rather than giving the oil company $5500 for oil for one year I think I can pay for at least two of them. If the oil company has to wait for payment – tough crud.

I took a break and now I’m back with results! Forget that guy painting my home – he wants $12K. You could almost hear my jaw drop when I read the email. No wonder he emails his quotes. He must have seen something that made him think I have money. Whew. For that I could side the house – actually for about a third or less I can get new siding. I will choose my color in the siding –

The blow-door test was awesome. Obviously we have hardly any insulation but he had some great ideas to insulate the attic and the basement door and the door leading out to the porch. I think this will be affordable. I hope so.

Today I go see honey bunnie again. This time DS is going with me and it will be good for him to see his Dad. I wish I could take Maggie but she’s weird going places. Cats do love to stay in the home they own.

It is amazing but there is no big crisis. We’re okay. If you read my blogs before DH got a room in the memory care unit you know we had one or more crises every day. Every hour some days would bring hysteria on my part because I didn’t know what to do. They don’t send you to school to be a caregiver for family.

I’m loving the peace. I like where he’s at and so does he. And he likes his roommate and the nurses. I’m so glad they took him. I have a few things to finish for MaineCare and then we’ll be all set. Have a great Friday! And hug a kitty today!Maggie loves my yarn!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    I know – I’ll be okay once I get used to it! I hope he gets happier about the move.


  2. suth2 says:

    So nice to see you getting time to yourself.


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