Where Do YOU Go When You’re Tired?

I had a big day today. For some reason I’m still waking up around 6 am. I guess I’m getting enough sleep. I used to sleep till 8 or 9 and I imagine I will again once winter hits good old Maine!

I went to see DH today. I am so proud of the way he’s handling the move to the memory care unit. He is everyone’s favorite and they all tell me how nice and pleasant he is every day. I laugh – little do they know the demon that lurks within that kindly looking man’s body. I found the same thing happened with my dad – everybody thought he was the sweetest fella ever walked the earth! He would only show his ornery side with me.

DH is doing well. He likes it there. He feels safe. But he does want me to come more often. I’m going to have to see how we can work it out so I am not over-tired from running around and I can still get some stuff done at home. I will do what he wants for a bit and then when he gets more comfortable maybe just go two or three days a week.

Next time I go – Friday – DS is going with me. His dad misses him and wants to know he’s all right. So he will come with me and take his dad the TV. We’ve gone round and round about the TV. He says he wants it, then he doesn’t. I also have to get him some more shirts out. I can’t find his summer shirts! I don’t know where he put them and he doesn’t remember. Man oh man I have to go to the hot attic. Whew I’m burning up already.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen him in anything but two or three shirts I don’t even know what he has. I’m going to shop for him next week and get him some nice shirts and jersey pants to wear. I’m going with knit shirts and taking him his fleece jacket. I can’t believe it but he was cold today – it was only 85 with 100% humidity!

After I left Orono I went grocery shopping. I wanted to get it over before the rush for the holiday. I got so much cool stuff because I went to a real grocery store and not Walmart. I got stuff to make roasted pepper ziti and Bove’s Vodka Sauce and I found Bove’s Alfredo Sauce which really pleased me. I’m going to do it with roasted cauliflower. I bought some fresh mozzarella and told the kid to lay off it because we’re making a pizza. I got Roma tomatoes to roast and a basil plant so I can tear off leaves for the pizza.

I also knocked the kid out with a thrill and got him mussels. I do not care for mussels but the kid loves them. And at 99 cents a pound – can’t beat the value!

I also got us some stuff for quick sandwiches and salad. We don’t cook as much as when Dad was home. It surely is different.

We are invited to a cookout on the 10th at the nursing home. It’s a Surf and Turf Party and I am thrilled to go. I think DS will go too. It will be a nice family get-together.

Now back to the title of my post – where do you go when you’re tired? I was really tired after coming home from shopping and going to the drugstore and the bank. Sometimes I just read until I fall asleep in the afternoons. Today I felt antsy inside – over-stimulated and jangley nerves all over the place. I think I pumped out too much adrenaline what with the heat and the shopping and the visit to DH.  I went and meditated. I can’t go very many days without meditating and still feel myself. I need to shut down for a while and that’s what happens for me.

Today I listened to Ajapa Japa. I don’t think I did much beyond the breathing and a little focusing on the solar plexus and throat chakras. After that I zoned. It’s not like true sleep. It is more like floating. I was so refreshed afterwards I could have done everything all over again.

Over-stimulation is a problem in our world. There is too much input. Look at how many blogs you read! Input is all over the place and we do tend to rush from thing to thing to get everything done – at least I do. I have to stop myself and say “You’re brushing your teeth. This is wonderful. You have all the time in the world to brush your teeth.” And it works!

I just found out that Thich Nhat Hanh is going to be in Boston on September 14 at the Trinity Church. I am seriously thinking about going. It is just an inexpensive bus ride from Maine. And he’s going to do a peace walk on the 15th which is free to everyone. And we can walk with Thay – as he is called. I am hoping I can do this. I have it on my calendar and I think it would be an uplifting experience.

I can’t believe it is almost the 4th of July.  It seems only yesterday I was still freezing in the house. I must say the new mini-split heat pump is working like a dream. I can’t wait to see if it saves me a lot of money on heating this next year.

I’m going to be doing a complete review of All Change Please by Danielle West. I will let you know where you can read it. I must say it is one of my most favorite books and I usually don’t like anything but mysteries. I am also reading The Bookseller by Mark Pryor. This too is a worthwhile read. Set in Paris, a security chief for the US Embassy gets involved trying to solve the deaths of three bouquinistes – the booksellers that line the Seine on the Left Bank. He writes with lots of atmosphere and great descriptions of the streets of Paris and it makes me want to go back immediately. I still swear I was born there and they ferreted me out to a small podunk town in Illinois. I swear I am Parisienne!


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