Amazing Stuff Happens

shadowIn my last guide post – sorry for the pun – I talked about setting your Sankalpa – your heart’s desire. Once you have narrowed that down to ONE – yes JUST one – be prepared for change!

Amazing things will begin to happen in your life. If you visualize your life as a bunch of toy building blocks, all those blocks start to move to form a framework supporting your desire. Not all of these will feel positive at first. You may find that there are people in your life that fade out and this can hurt. Rest assured these folks were no longer necessary as teaching lessons or mirrors for you.

Other people who come into your life are there to teach you something. Sometimes, if the person is particularly annoying, you can check out why they annoy you and find exactly what you need to change in YOUR personality/reactions/emotions. My whole childhood and adult life has been centered around pleasing people, getting their approval, making everything better. I married a man who has an immense stubborn streak and hasn’t changed one iota in 35 years. The frustration in our relationship has been exhausting for me and I’m sure for him too. Since he has been seriously deteriorating in the last 3 years, none of that frustration has lessened at all. He’s still stubborn and I still get frustrated that he won’t listen. If he does listen, he doesn’t pay attention or understand why I need the change.

So I knew a long time ago that he is my mirror for my inability to let go of rigid mind paths. I spent as much time forcing a change as he spent resisting it. Now that we no longer live together with him in the memory care unit, we’ll be able to be glad to see each other. And that’s how you have to adjust to people who irritate the crap out of you. Look deep into yourself and ask yourself why you are seeing this problem and what is it in you that you needed to have magnified so you can deal with it and get it gone. Truly it is blocking your growth.

Other amazing things that will happen seem to be Kismet. You will be told about or learn about a job that’s suddenly available and perfect for you. You will seek out what it is that you want to do that will make your life peaceful and the Universe will make sure you can do it. You won’t need to force a thing. You just need to be here and be amazed.

You’ll also find that you think more about your heart’s desire once it is put above all the rest of your desires. Let’s face it, we all have so many desires that we change focus from day-to-day. That’s why we’re so stressed. We can’t focus on one thing. Especially in America we are taught to multi-task from birth. Our parents put very high expectations on our plate. My parents were never satisfied with anything I did. My mother constantly nagged about my past as if I had chosen to have depression and brought it on myself. I don’t think she ever accepted the fact that it is inherited and can be fixed.

Since your family put high expectations on your plate, you have adopted them too. You now expect perfection from everything you do. You will not rest until you achieve perfection. You drive yourself mercilessly. And you probably drive those around you the same way. You can’t stop. And it’s because no one ever said to you “You did good, I’m proud of you.”

You need to say that to yourself. Just as if you were talking to another person. You will find that with setting your sankalpa, it is easier to do this. You will start to be in the moment at all times and you will smile at yourself. You will love YOU and have compassion and understanding multiplied. You will be able to spread this love, compassion and understanding to everyone around you and they will be drawn to you as if you were a magnet.

Doors will open in your life that you thought were closed permanently. Let’s say you have a less than perfect marriage or relationship. You will either be given the ability to leave this relationship or the relationship will heal if it is best for your growth and happiness. Many people stay in poor relationships out of a sense of responsibility or hopelessness. I find this to be more prevalent in women than men and one of the things I see changing as more women chose professions and don’t neglect their work-lives for their relationships. We are the ones normally given the tasks of the home and, as a result, tend not to have the resources to be totally independent. I dislike that conundrum as being a good mother should not mean you cannot be a person too. But women have a tougher time with leaving a relationship than do men.

As you have your heart’s desire prominent in your thoughts, you will find the strength and financial ability to do what you need to do. The Universe is neutral, believe it or not and only cares that you be assisted in what you have set your heart on – so be careful there. You have to be clear with the Universe – you can’t waver between desires minute by minute and expect the Universe to understand what it is you need. You must spell it out.

As your life changes to fit your heart’s desire, people will enter your life that will support the changes. You may meet someone who will be a soul mate, a friend, a teacher. You will be surprised at the immediate attraction you feel toward these new people because you have been taught – and learned well – not to trust. Trust hasn’t been a focus in most of our lives. It will come back.

You will either have more abundance in your life or you will find that you don’t need it. By that I mean you will start to choose time over money. Time to do those things you enjoy, time to spend with friends and family, time to meditate and do nothing. Thich Nhat Hanh has written that in Zen the most beautiful state is that of doing nothing. A business-less person is to be envied. You will find that you adore living aimlessly. You will find that you don’t need to compartmentalize your life and that you need to control nothing. You will float.

I sometimes wonder about myself. I have had an interesting life. It has been very hard most of the time. In the last 18 years I have had periods of complete despair. God has saved me. I have now found that I don’t need God just when things are at their worst. I need God daily. I need to see the face of the Divine. I need to touch Him and I need to be here, centered and awake to God. This is what you will find too.



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