Updates on a Really Weird Week


Here’s what the moon looked like here in Maine last night – except for the water! I have grass, not water in my yard. More’s the pity.

The move to the nursing home for DH seems to be going well. I have been up there once and talked to the nurse on the unit every other day. Odd that he is not here now and I feel like I should be doing something. I was constantly on alert while he was at home and getting worse by the minute. Even when he was sitting at the table and sleeping I would be nervous for him. I also had to remember his medicine times and make sure he had gone to the bathroom – fix meals, etc. Not to mention laundry had to be done and at least 2 or 3 loads a day.

Now I feel weird because I can chose what I want to do. I no longer have demands on my time. It is such a relief.

Both my son and I have been breathing sighs of relief since Tuesday. Although he didn’t mean to be, taking care of an elderly and failing person was a challenge. There were always surprises, always some new disability that would creep in. His memory is pretty much only for a few minutes and then he forgets what just happened. He won’t remember at lunch what he had for breakfast. Sad.

On other fronts here at the Urban Zoo – we got our heat pump installed yesterday and boy is that slick! It works as an air conditioner and cools the entire first floor down quickly. I have to turn the temperature up to at least 74 or we freeze. This is good! I can shut off the window air conditioner in the dining room. We don’t need it any longer.

I have been working on the kitchen. I purchased hooks and dowels today to make up my own curtain rods for the lower cabinets. Instead of the cheap metal ones I thought painted wood would be much nicer. I will get them up today so I can get the curtains made up and hang them.

My darn garbage disposal bought the bullet. So it looks like payday I will be getting a new one. Such a pain. I hope I can figure out how to put it in. I may live without it for a while just until I feel like tackling something totally new. It is amazing how many things DH did that I took for granted. Now I have to be the home handyman with some great assistance from DS.

I have almost finished my Japanese shirt and in fact am going up to the sewing room to complete that now. I will get photos up soon – have a great Caturday!

Maggie loves my yarn!



5 Comments Add yours

  1. suth2 says:

    That should have read “some” not ome. Ooops.


  2. suth2 says:

    So good to hear that you are getting ome time for yourself. Enjoy it.


  3. Pretty Maggie:) Glad you are free and able to do your own thing. Looking forward to a picture of the finished kitchen and of your shirt. Have fun.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Wow is this weird though – after three years of solid stuff to do ………… I’m my own boss. Funny, now my son thinks he has to entertain me or I might be lonely (!). He has no idea ……… lonely is okay for now. Beats scared!


  5. suzie81 says:

    I’m so pleased the pressure is beginning to lighten up for you…


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