Taste Test

cheetos terra


You guessed it. I am comparing Cheetos to Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips. Jeez I wonder which is better for me?

Better for me is one thing – if I won’t eat them then it doesn’t matter HOW good they are for me. Like beans are pretty good for you – but I really don’t like them unless they are turned into soy milk with lots of sugar or chili with tons of spice – bad for my pitta dosha. I used to almost throw up just smelling the dish after Mom fixed baked beans. Yetch.

These Terra chips are root vegetables flavored with garlic, oregano and olive oil with just a hint of lemon. These are vegetables I didn’t even know existed until I bought the bag. I bought two bags. Here’s hoping they’re good.

The root veggies are taro, yucca, sweet potato (know that one) ruby root vegetables which have been simmered in beet juice, batata a cuban sweet potato and parsnip.

I’m not nuts about sweet potatoes. In fact I cannot eat them. My son loves them. I had never tried them until I was over 50 and it wasn’t love at first bite. The chips aren’t so bad though because they aren’t goopy and full of marshmallows and pecans. How we butcher food here in America! Who else would put marshmallows and pecans with a sweet potato that’s actually good for you??????????

The taro is not bad at all. Very dense. Lovely flavor with the garlic. I like those. The beet juice ones are also good. They aren’t as thick as the taro and have a gentle flavor. The yucca keeps you chewing for a while. Kind of hard to crunch. Good tasting but I’d give it a miss just on crunch too much. My absolute favorite is the batata – cuban sweet potato although it does have an aftertaste. Not unpleasant – tastes earthy though so you’d need to know that.

Now I open the Cheetos bag. Looking at the ingredients I see they are made mostly of corn meal. This is weird. Well I love corn meal mush – I think I’m pretty much hooked on that. Grandma Nannie used to make it for me when I was a kid reading The Little House on the Prairie. They had Indian Pudding and Grandma said shoot I can make that – and she did. She baked me an apple too. I loved that woman. Not only could she cook, she was the only one who could tell my mom to shut up and it took. I loved her.

We all know Cheetos. I think they have mostly corn meal and additives from a lab somewhere. I would definitely pump for the Terra chips …………..  I may have more as soon as I get done smoking this cigarette ……………


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Of course I ate the whole bag of Cheetos ………


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