A Review of Things Going On

First, Krishna Das – the kirtan wallah – is doing live-streaming kirtan. Check out krishnadas.com and see all the cool things KD is up to. I chant with his music regularly ah daily and for getting to that awesome life is going to be okay feeling – he is it.

Also I’ve been listening to Leonard Cohen until I have all the songs from Live in London running in my mind. Such a voice! Such a writer! He apologizes for still being alive before one song ……………. poor wee man is only 78. And he could stick his shoes under my bed any day.

I should hear from the nursing home sometime today. I understand they don’t like leaving the beds open long so hopefully this will mean whoohoo I take him to the nursing home TODAY. He can’t stay off the floor anymore. He fell twice yesterday and once already this morning., I think – I’m not sure. I just found him on the floor when I woke up at 5 am. My normal waking up time. Plus CS (that’s crazy son) threw another tantrum last night like the one on Mother’s Day. Worse maybe. Talkin’ about how he has to get out of here blah blah blah blah blah. Really freaky. Of course after he totally ruined my evening – he’s just fine thank you very much. And now he’s saying oh I’d better get a job before I try to get on my own. No sonny boy. You have a BIG surprise coming. A BIG surprise.

In between making breakfast lunch and supper, I got into the sewing room for about an hour. I finally figured the Origami pattern out. Hoot. I couldn’t get how the back and the front were put together – even when looking at a diagram. I finally just starting flipping the front around until I got it. Wow it is like Origami. I will be prepared for the next shirt which will be a knit cowl neck that comes down to your whatevers. I, of course, will wear a tank underneath or a pretty cami. Or are they the same thing?

I got me some more quilts coming in.  I may have mentioned that I sold antique quilts and used and out of print books from 1996 to 2005. Then I just did it haphazardly after that – whatever I had kept slowly got sold. I did antique and quilt shows – quilt shows were fun but quilters do not buy quilts – antique shows were fun and once they got past the thing that you were selling textiles – the people were interested.

Most of my sales were on Ebay. Especially from 2001 on. I would put up auctions and at that time – people in the States had money. I was in Canada. The economy was SO good back then that I sold whatever I put up. And made a profit with it. It was a good thing because I had to supplement the retirement pay by $1500 bucks a month. I had a lot of stock that I’d brought with me – over 200 quilts – and Dad – the Vice President in Charge of Finance – helped me get the rest. He’d give me his checkbook before I went to an auction or to buy books. I once bought a library of books in New Brunswick and I had a first edition Jack London WITH a dust jacket. I paid $500 for the books and sold that one for $1500. There was another one I got $400 for so that was a pretty good pick!

I love doing that stuff. The hunt is the fun part. You get to go to people’s houses and see what they have. I ran an ad in the newspaper on the Island and people would call me. Sometimes I got lucky – sometimes not. I did get a book published in 1754 about Jonathan Swift – written by his mistress and published by her son because Swift wouldn’t give him money NOT to publish it. It was cool but 50 pages were missing. Bummer.

The quilts I had were stunning. I sold a lot of them through the same gallery in Charlottetown that showed my work. I sold wall hangings I made AND antique quilts. The tourists that came bought those quilts like they were peanuts. I sold my first one there the same day I hung them. I had the walls of one whole room. We made some money. The gallery owner kept 40% so I just marked the quilts up enough to cover her commission and give me a big profit. Pretty simple and when people HAD money – they spent it.

I’m seeing quilts now that would have gone for $1500 being knocked down to $200. I am buying them as I can. Someday – like in 2016 – this country will be back on its feet and these will provide a living for me. I am also going after vintage textiles – just as I did before.

I can’t get into paying $200 or more for  a quilt top though. I won’t quilt them – she’s too busy says my invisible friend Ariadne – so I will buy ones I can mark up and make some dough.

Gentiva people should be back today to do stuff with DH. I can’t wait. It’s only 6:39 right now so I’ll go live on the phone at 8 am and wait for them all to start calling. A break would be nice.

As soon as I get free I’m taking a drive to Acadia National Park ……….. brace yourself for pictures. Or pictchuz as we say in Maine ………..




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  1. Good luck today.


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