From Crisis to Crisis

Well – we’ve had quite a week here in Parkinson’s land – he fell again last night – this time going to the bathroom at 3 am. Luckily he landed on his butt and no harm was done. I have learned from the clinical manager that I must give one command at a time and give him time to mentally process it and figure out how to do it.

She said that he would eventually not be able to speak English – it is his third language. She said dementia is just regressing until you are a baby and once you get to the point in your regression before you learned a language – then that language will be gone. She also said the nursing home is required by law to have an interpreter for him. Wow I hope they can find someone who speaks his language – it is pretty rare.

This explains why he can no longer read. He has regressed back to an age before 12. He had no schooling before then as he was a displaced person.

I didn’t panic when he fell. There’s no sense in taking him to the ER unless he’s broken something. They won’t do anything or even check him over. They just let us sit until we get mad. I guess they figure we won’t come back. That is true – but the investigator from the State of Maine will be there. Ah that feels good ………….

I will hear something from the memory care unit hopefully tomorrow. Our doctor’s assistant was going to fax over his records and the administrator was going to check with MaineCare about coverage. I received a letter from them letting me know he is covered for 45 days until they make a decision. We hope that they will approve him within that 45-day period or otherwise I will have to pay or bring him home. I can’t do either of those. So I have my fingers crossed.

CBD and Parkinson’s are horrible diseases that rob you of everything. I hope that they find a cure or at least a treatment some day soon. The best they can do is slow down the progression but that hasn’t worked with DH. He was so far into the diseases that there is really no hope of slowing it down. In fact I can see him worsen daily.

For his sake I pray that he will go before all the other things fail – such as swallowing and moving at all. I am going to have to do the guardianship thing for his safety and in order to give medical consent. He isn’t capable any more.

So one more crisis night – hopefully today will be better ………..



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  1. suth2 says:

    Very difficult times for you.


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