Can I Ask You A Question?

WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS? I have more than a hundred followers on this blog. You all read it all the time. I have lovely nice cushy stats.

I have another blog – it is about all things fashion – sewing, patterns, findings, making things ———– but I’m lucky if one person looks at it a day – and shooooooooot I write posts there all the time ……………..

So I’m going to ASK THIS QUESTION AGAIN – can you please go look at it? Especially if you’re into sewing or fashion or wearing clothes (jeez I hope you’re into clothes) and shoes and make-up and putting on the glitz!

OMG yes – it’s – whimper.


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  1. suth2 says:

    Your couturelunacy is now on my reader so I will be checking out your every post. Thanks for mentioning it is this blog.


  2. TamrahJo says:

    🙂 Years ago, I designed Barbie collections that consisted of 11 pieces that could be mixed and matched to create over 100 different outfits – I’m currently working on a plan to do the same for my own wardrobe, since I hate shopping, but at times, would like to be able to pack a duffle bag for a trip, but still be prepared for whatever might come! LOL
    So I do like your posts where you show the patterns you are working with! 😀


  3. Jennifer says:

    Ha! You know what – you should see me – oldest jeans I own, an old polo shirt and my hair in a pony tail – no make up – see I just DO that stuff – I don’t dress like it …………….


  4. TamrahJo says:

    I’ve looked at it, but if you could meet me once, you’d understand why I’m not there all the time…
    Can you say blue jeans and hand-me-down-from-hubby t-shirts! LOL
    Nothing personal, dear, just other articles speak to me more – but I do like seeing what you’re up to!


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