Put It Down Put It All Down


Carrying any burdens around? Life got you down – job sucks – no money – boss a pain in the ass – kids giving you trouble – no time for yourself?

There’s a cure for all these problems. Just put them down. Put it all down. Drop it. Relieve yourself of the burdens. Take care of what needs doing in this moment and forget the rest. Lay the burdens on the ground. Rise with a smile and do what’s in front of you.

Think back a bit. You’ve been in worry and anxiety so long you probably don’t know how to function without them. You are so used to doing everything in a hurry – mindlessly trying to finish one task to go on with the next – you can’t enjoy even an enjoyable moment for fear you are not getting something else done.  You feel guilty if you miss a baseball game for your child or a school function. There’s that report you need to do at work but nobody’s given you any information for the report. There’s bills to be paid – dishes to wash – floors to mop – dinner to cook.

Put it down. Put it all down. Don’t cook tonight. There’s something they can pick up and eat. Give them a bowl of cereal. Show them where it is and let them get it themselves. Go take a shower. Explain there will be nothing done until you are out of the shower. Stay in there as long as you can. Don’t come out ready to fly into a million chores. They’ve been put down – all down. You don’t have to do anything. You can relax.

The world will not end if you don’t keep on top of everything. So what if a bill is past due? In the huge scheme of things nobody cares. What if you need to go to school functions? Be a bad parent once a month. Don’t go. Explain a schedule conflict. Your kids will thank you for it – you embarrass them anyway.

Hubby giving you fits for a clean shirt? Open up Google and get directions to the closest dry cleaner. Give him the directions and a bag for his shirts. Tell him you don’t have time – because you don’t.

Put it down – put it all down and start living – not rushing.bigbang


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you! Rest assured she will one day! Better do it quicker instead of waiting like me and being 61!


  2. suth2 says:

    Love it! But so much easier to say than to do! I wish my daughter would heed this advice. 🙂


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