Creativity – Do or Die

Sari Silk and Hand Dyed Silk
Sari Silk and Hand Dyed Silk

Having time to create is do or die for me. There hasn’t been a lot of time lately and today I’m going to see why. It’s sort of like setting a budget for the month and writing down where your money goes. Where does my time go every day?

What with chief cook and bottle washer duties and all the rest of the caregiver thingies I do, a good bit of time is eaten up getting the basics covered. The cleaning up, the meals, the non-ending laundry and the medicine times. The rest seems to be going to the internet …………….. hmm.

I have two computers. I have my laptop which thankfully has a keyboard. I have my iPad which does not and is a bear to type on. For some reason I keep getting m when I want a space bar. Horribly embarrassing when I’m tweeting. I tweet a lot. I love twitter. I like twitter better than Facebook – I do look at Facebook but usually just my feed. And of course, I’m on Ebay – which means I need to check auctions and see if good old Tresbonloot (that’s very good loot in French – I think I made the word up) has a chance in hell of selling something.

Then there are pictures for the listings and listings to compose and packages to ship. That doesn’t take too long except for the picture bit. I have to drag stuff out and put it in a non-messy place. Finding the non-messy place? Impossible sometimes.

All of this busy work will be as naught unless I get my butt up to the sewing room and finish the buttons on my shirt and cut out another one. I have so many articles of clothing planned in my mind that they are getting crowded. Time to get them out and work on them.

With my new tjaps from Indonesia (you can see the post on Couture Lunacy here on WordPress) I am going to do many surface embellished clothes and probably bags. And since I wrote about Shiva Paintsticks on Couture Lunacy, I’m going to drag them off the shelf too. My painting/stamping operation is going to move to the upstairs sun porch otherwise known as the spinning room. The spinning room which no longer has a spinning wheel. I recognized last month that I didn’t enjoy spinning. The main reason is the expense. I needed a jumbo sliding hook flyer for my wheel in order to have enough bobbin capacity to make yarn in one long bunch rather than small amounts on the standard bobbins. Also the jumbo flyer is a great plying flyer and also perfect for thicker yarn. Then I needed fiber. For a sweater to fit me I would want around 2200 yards of yarn. By the time I figured that out I figure about 4 lb of fiber to spin a sweater. Hmm. The cost for 4 lb of fiber is more than the yarn for a sweater which I can buy. And we’re talking expensive yarn – not stuff from Red Heart.

I weighed my options. Keep the spinning wheel or let it go. I let it go and sold it in a day on Ravelry to a nice lady in California who needed a second wheel for her kids to learn on. Perfect.

So now the spinning room becomes the painting/surface design room where I can lay down newspaper on the table and stamp away. I have my silks in there waiting for their dye baths and also my silk ribbons waiting to be painted. Someday – not today – I am going to organize that room – remove the stored oil paintings back to their original location and get busy. I’m logging that into the diary for Saturday.

I had an epiphany yesterday while helping DH wash up. I cannot do this alone. Feeling very humble I called our home healthcare people and they are back. I am so relieved. Nothing like getting angry at one group of die hard idiots like those at St. Joseph’s Hospital Emergency Room in Bangor, ME  (don’t go there) and then cutting off my nose to spite my face. I apologized and they are back.

This leaves me time for creating. For getting into the zone – for being involved and in the moment of my work. This is a refresher course in being me. My me gets lost a lot, being as how I’m General Manager of the Universe.

I am progressing on the kitchen. Yesterday I decided I felt like having plaster from one end of me to the other so I started putting the Behr Venetian Plaster on the walls. I’m still not sure about the color but I do love the texture. I need to get a power sander for finishing it. That will be a bit further down the road as I have lots of plastering to do before I need to burnish it. It will be mahvelus. Then it is on to making or buying curtains for the bottom cabinets and painting the floor. That is going to be a trial what with needing to use the kitchen so I am going to do half of it at a time – let it dry and then do the other half – I may have kitty prints on the floor but not more than once. She’s a smart cat!

Today is a 31/4 day for me – time to build that foundation!




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