berkshiresKripalu is a beautiful place in Stockbridge MA. You can go there for a retreat, for yoga, for Ayurvedic instruction and certification, to become a yoga teacher – you can just go there to add tools to your quiver for a decent, happy life.

I’ve been receiving catalogs from Kripalu for around 6 years. I first became interested in going to Kripalu while still living on PEI. Krishna Das – the kirtan wallah – the main man – the dulcet-toned chanter of ecstasy – taught workshops there and still does from time to time when he is not touring the world. I want to experience KD live and feel the energy I get from chanting with him on my iPod.

I haven’t managed to get to Kripalu yet. I have a new reason for going now. I just want a few days of peace and quiet and being me. I want to go to a yoga class and stretch this old body. I’ve done yoga since 1978 and I continue to practice although there are postures I can’t do now.

I’ve been doing yoga with Wai Lani – I first saw her on the One channel while living in Canada. I bought all of her VCR tapes – stupid. Now I need to get them on DVD as technology has changed. I can still watch them with my old DVD/VCR combo player. We just have to hook it up and then unhook it because the DVD part doesn’t work well and we have another DVD player.

Yoga is my path. The bhakti yoga that I practice is the yoga of devotion. There is no other place where I can feel the utmost energy of creation that I do while chanting. It would be nice to have a satsung here – a group of us together – but until I get that support from people in my community, I will dive into the satsung that KD has created in his music.

Kripalu is in a beautiful part of the world – the Berkshires. Described by Wikipedia:

The Berkshires and related Green Mountains formed over half a billion years ago when Africa collided with North America, pushing up the Appalachian Mountains and forming the bedrock of the Berkshires. Erosion over hundreds of millions of years wore these mountains down to the hills that we see today.[2]

I’m a native flatlander so they look like mountains to me! Amazing to think that I am living surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains which were formed so long ago by the collision of Africa with North America!

We toured the Berkshires back in 1998 while looking for a bed and breakfast to purchase. We went to West Dover, Vermont and stayed at a lovely B&B called The Deerfield Valley Inn. It was a red building on a hill with a lovely view over the town. Our room was heavenly with a nice comfy bed and a view out the front of the inn. The decor was just what you would expect in a New England inn. The breakfasts were tasty and our innkeeper was a lady from Ireland who had worked for the Bank of Ireland in New York City and decided to change her life and buy the inn.

There was a bus that left Dover on Tuesdays and took you to New York City and brought you back. How heavenly that would be! To take a day to travel to the most wonderful city in creation and then come back home – refreshed by a large dose of civilization to your retreat in the mountains!

I may be still waiting to get to Kripalu but I know I shall someday – soon.


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  1. I hope you get to go.


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